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Half-Life 3 Confirmed (No, Really!)

Half-Life 3 is probably one of the most talked about sequels of all time, cropping up in places you wouldn't even dream of. Well now it's actually been "confirmed" by Valve filing an application to trademark Half-Life 3 in the European Union's Trademark and Designs Registry.

The news comes after three big announcements from Valve, revealing their intended invasion into our living rooms, which many speculated that there would be a reveal for HL3 on the third day.

At the moment though there has been no word from Valve themselves, just the information from the board so we will update you on that as soon as we know any more on the subject. At least the internet will have some more fuel for their Half-Life 3 fire!

Emseypenguin | 1st October, 2013
Cronos's picture
Until they announce it I don't care, could still be 10 years away if it happens at all.
Platinum's picture
I still think it will be a SteamOS launch title, Valve are looking to seriously push in 2014
Rob Gisbey's picture
What a cruel headline! You ought to be ashamed of yourself!
Cronos's picture
So apparently the trademark was shockingly fake, they also tried to trademark Portal 3.
Platinum's picture
Misleading title, Confirmed means Valve said it is so...
Fat Tony's picture
I'm extremely excited! First-person shooters that take an obscenely long time to be released normally turn out to be fantastic! I can't recall a single instance a franchise has had it's credibility destroyed by constant delays, nor can I remember a time this has led to a sub-par game that gets laughed at by anybody with half a shred of sense! Duke Nukem: Forever is a game for the ages, right?


But really, I'm not even excited for HL3 or HL2P3 or whatever abbreviation applies. The series has been stellar so far and when I beat Episode 2 I had a great big raging desire to play the next chapter, but any throbbing desire that lasts for more than four years probably needs a trip to the doctor, and mine has thankfully subsided.

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