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Leviathan: Warships Releases Today

Ship just got real

Leviathan: Warships is the new creation coming from Pieces Interactive and Paradox Interactive where you pit fleet against fleet in order to take down your enemy.

As of 18:00 GMT, the nautical madness will ensue on Steam. If you haven't got your pre-order in already, here's your chance: http://store.steampowered.com/app/202270/
By pre-ordering, you not can only join in on the ship on ship action, you also get a free Marauders pack which adds three more ships to the fray.

Sadly, Pieces Interactive have today announced the delay of the iOS and Android versions due to server instabilities. The iOS version has launched in some areas, but Pieces Interactive have apologised for any issues that the users may currently be having. The release date for handheld and tablet devices is now 2nd May 2013.

A review is on our radar and set course to be published soon.

Kaostic | 30th April, 2013

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