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Leviathan: Warships Tournament

Leviathan: Warships

Leviathan: Warships released earlier this week and we here at GameGrin have been sinking hours into it. We love it so much that we've decided to run a tournament for it, prizes and all!

Leviathan: Warships is a nautical turn based stratergy game from Pieces Interactive and Paradox Interactive. You control a fleet of ships to complete an objective. You can read the full review here: http://www.gamegrin.com/game/review/pc/leviathan-warships-pc-review

You can enter the competition by emailing leviathan@gamegrin.com with your username. Entries will be accepted until Friday 3rd May 2013, 22:00 GMT. The tournament will commence on Saturday 4th May, 2013. More information about this can be found in the tournament section. Prizes will be awarded to the winners and runners up. We're in the process of raiding Davy Jones locker for prizes.

The rules for the tournament are very simple:

  • You have a limit of 6,000 points (Medium Fleet)
  • No DLC ships are allowed within a fleet
  • Every match will be played on Sheltered Bay with a Point Goal of 100%
  • The planning timer will be 1 minute
  • The tournament will operate on a ladder system (see Tournament section)
  • A replay must be supplied otherwise the match will be voided (see Replay section)


Entries should be emailed to leviathan@gamegrin.com and must include your in-game username. 

Tournaments will be run under a ladder system. You will be assigned an opponent. You will play one round against them and the winner of that will advance.

The first round (seen in blue below) will run for 3 days (ending Monday 6th May 2013, 18:00 GMT). All matches must be complete and replay ID's submitted before this time frame or you will be disqualified. The second rounds will commence will commence Tuesday 7th May 2013 and run for 3 days (ending Thurday 9th May 2013, 18:00 GMT). Further rounds will be announced once the competition has begun.

If you miss your match or do not save the replay, that match will be worth nothing. If neither party supplies a replay, both will be expelled from the tournament. 

If you make a wrong move, forget to put a weapon on a ship or bring out the wrong fleet, the match plays on, no arguments.

An example of the ladder system can be found below:

Leviathan Warships Ladder Example


For your match to count, you must supply a replay code to us. Post-match, you must click "Save Replay". This will then put the replay into your archive. From here, you can obtain the replay ID.

Leviathan Warships Archive

A screenshot of this screen would not go amiss as it will assist with any disputes.

Kaostic | 1st May, 2013
Rasher's picture
I will probably take part in this, but I warn you, I am shit
Kaostic's picture
As I will - I'm not
Sikopathic's picture
Meh. I'll give it a go
fazer's picture
Seems I missed this
Kaostic's picture
Drop us an email, fazer at leviathan@gamegrin.com giving me your username. I'll put you on the reserves.
Platinum's picture
This game is good then? What is like, Sup com style?
Kaostic's picture
Originally Posted by Platinum View Post
This game is good then? What is like, Sup com style?
Great game - There's no demos, but check out the gameplay

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