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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII New Trailer Released


Square Enix Ltd. today released a new trailer for LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII.

The trailer show off the lively city of Yusnaan, and the adventures that await Lightning, including colossal monster battles and the new action-oriented battle system. Additionally, Lighting’s former ally, Snow Villiers makes a return to the series with a storyline that underscores how the title has gone through a complete refresh, with an updated look from the previous two instalments.

The trailer theme song, “The Savior,” by famed composer, Naoshi Mizuta, is available for download today via the iTunes Store.


Kaostic | 6th June, 2013
JoeP's picture
I'm a sucker for FF13 games so I'll probably be getting this too. Shame that 13-2 was criticised, I actually quite liked it.
Thom Whyte's picture
I couldn't stand FFXIII. I grew up playing the much earlier Final Fantasy games, and the linearity just about killed me. Tried completing it a fair few times, but I never could.
Emseypenguin's picture
I think I played about 4 hours of the first game and was like, this is crap, and sold it.
Kaostic's picture
I've never been a fan of final fantasy. I never liked the J-RPG aspect of it or the fighting style.
However, I tried FF XIII when it first came out and didn't mind it all that much. I played it for about 6 hours and then gave it back to blockbusters. The issue for me was that it took up so much time and was more a movie with a few interactive fight scenes than a game for me.

Not to say that's a bad thing, I love games like The Walking Dead etc. but it just didn't do it for me.
RGDfleet's picture
Like Kris, never appealed to me. In many ways I wish it did...seems like it has a good loyal fanbase and great world.
Kaostic's picture
Originally Posted by RGDfleet View Post
Like Kris, never appealed to me. In many ways I wish it did...seems like it has a good loyal fanbase and great world.
There's a lot of games I wish I liked. Alas, my concentration levels and appeal of games doesn't work how I want it to.
JK Ferret's picture
As a FF fan, and a FF13 fan also, I am looking forward to this. They promised it would tie-up loose ends (and god knows FF13-2 left enough of them - it *was* pretty well closed before that), so here's hoping.

With regards to the linearity of 13 - it's true, but mostly emphasised by the fact the maps themselves are mostly linear. Other past FFs (10 especially comes to mind, and 9 a little behind it) are also rather linear for the most part - although it's disguised due to the sidequests appearing earlier.

I see why 13-2 has such a bad label, I personally think it's the worst FF to date because it committed a grave sin that is impossible to pull off - time traveling/changing time. Add to that the WORST ending ever, and that a whole bunch of content INCLUDING THE REAL ENDING was DLC-only... words fail me on how bad a screwup that is. Saying all that, I still like it, the combat per-battle is improved over 13 (they got rid of the slow change on the first paradigm shift, YEESSSSSSSSSSSSS! And fine-tuning paradigms is cool too) although having only 3 monsters at a time limits it needlessly. I'm still working on my compulsive "do everything" run.

I already mentioned sorta the battle system - it sucks. Auto-battle is a terrible idea, that is all. It's mostly why people feel it's a movie with game added to it, instead of the other way around. Personally, an ideal battle system would mix in elements majorly from either 10 or 12 (10 because the conditional turn-based system was awesome, 12 because the transition from exploring to fighting was NONE! It was all one thing, it was great!) but not both because that's basically impossible. Granted, the gambit system from 12 is kinda like auto-battle, BUT it was more neccessary due to how the entire battle system was setup in 12, and you could fine tune it to your own desires anyway (Vaan, use cure on anyone who's about to kick the bucket!) - 13 runs off it's own AI with the player only able to give rough directions (Lightning, go healer!)

FF13 (general) gives me nostalgia for other games in the series too - Oerba, for example, reminds me a lot of Zanarkand. Some of the battle music (from 13 original at least) joins my ranks of favourite FF themes. Here's hoping that FF13:LR brings more of the good stuff and less of the muchly-criticised.
Fat Tony's picture
Oh for christ's sake just do VII already.
Kaostic's picture
When they do a XIII-XIII, it'll be so meta.
Fat Tony's picture
It's like, they choose the absolute crowning moment of crap and are stomping every juicy peanut of money out of it. Of all the games for them to keep banging on about, just give us a good FFVII remake.

I was going to say "a good FFVII sequel / prequel" but then I remembered that awful shooting game and even more awful Crisis Core, a game with a leveling system so damn bad it literally cripples the entire game.

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