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Live Stream of Magicka Tonight at 8pm Plus Win Copies of Magicka


Our very own Harrie and Jessica will be streaming live tonight, playing through Magicka. The stream will start at 8PM (GMT). You can watch via the video below or go directly to the TwitchTV page. If you've yet to grab a copy of Magicka, or have a friend who doesn't, we will be giving away copies of the game live on the stream.

Please note: One of them hasn't played it yet, the other has no idea how to play when they do play it. Get the popcorn in, it's going to be entertaining.

Harrie and Jess live stream every Thursday at 8pm
If you want them to play a game you think would be fun or funny, let us know by either commenting on this thread, dropping us an e-mail or tweeting with the hashtag #2Girls1Stream.

Rasher | 4th April, 2013
Kaostic's picture
As much as I like that banner, they're going to kill you, Dawson.
Ewok's picture
That is an amazing banner!
Rasher's picture
Nice one for trying to get out of it kris...
But check the bottom right hand side of the image...
Kaostic's picture
Oh you sneaky bastards!
Mrs Rasher's picture
Love that banner
HarrieSilver's picture
what banner?!
HarrieSilver's picture
Just seen it. thats actually awesome
Dead Alive's picture
That banner is quite brilliant.
Kaostic's picture
Nobody ever compliments my banners :'(
Rasher's picture
They go live in 15 mins

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