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Pokemon X & Y Starters Revealed

Today, The Pokemon Company revealed the three starter pokemon and this time, it's a bit surprising!

Just kidding. I got your hopes up there, didn't I? I thought so. No, the starter Pokemon are going to be the same as they always are, one fire, one water and one grass. It does seem that they have come up with some slightly more original names than in Pokemon White & Black though, which is good.

Click on any of the images to enlarge them.

First, my prefered starter type, Froakie the water type.


Secondly, my brothers prefered starter type, Feenekin the fire type.


Lastly, nobodies prefered started type, Chespin the grass type.


As always, water beats fire, fire beats grass and grass beats water. If for some reason you can't comprehend that in text, he's a infographic of it.

Pokemon Pictagram

Last but not least, the two legendary Pokemon from X & Y have been announced and here they are (you'll never guess where they got their names and/or shapes from) Xerneas & Yveltal:


Kaostic | 14th January, 2013

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