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Reaper Of Souls Confirmed For Diablo 3

Hello, my friend. Stay awhile and listen, for the lands of Sanctuary are soon to be filled with the sounds of demons, lost souls and the battlecries of the Nephalem heroes as they hunt the reaper.

During gamescom, Blizzard have revealed the first expansion pack for Diablo 3; Reaper of Souls. Featuring a new class in the form of the Crusader, a warrior of the light focusing on shields and flails in order to decimate all the demon filth from these lands. We will also see a new feature in the form of loot runs in which the player will be placed in a dungeon lasting 15 to 20 mins that has completely randomised maps, mobs, weather and end boss to confront.

Loot drops in general are getting boosted quite dramatically, so you will see an increased number of shiny items explode out of your freshly slain enemy. However, legendary items will increase in their rarity to drop though these new legendaries will be build changers due to having class specific benefits, such as reducing all class cooldowns by a certain percentage leaving the door open for new and exiting builds to play with.

Usually with expansions we tend to get an increase of level cap and this pack is no exception. Adventurers in Sanctuary will now be able to reach the heights of level 70, though those with paragon levels will be intrigued to what will happen with this system. Well paragon levels will now be account wide, any paragon levels you already have will be retroactively applied to the new system, there is no paragon level cap and will now allow the player to place points into their stats manually which could lead to insane primary stat heavy heroes that could hit like a nuclear bomb but may die from a dogs fart.

Finally while exploring the new locations of this expansion we will also encounter terrifying new enemies and face off against Malthael, the archangel of wisdom. His values began to crumble and twist his view on the world once the Worldstone had been stolen, now he seeks the black soulstone which contains the essence of Diablo.

So there we have it, one confirmed expansion in the bag from Blizzard, though the other one as you can read here, is possibly just an elaborate hoax to get the hype machine rolling for no reason and has pleasured a troll somewhere in their parent's basement. I shall leave you now with the teaser trailer for this expansion pack because I'm nice like that.

Reaper of Souls is an expansion pack for Diablo 3 on PC. No release date has been confirmed as yet.


Wedgeh | 21st August, 2013
Kaostic's picture
Whilst Diablo 3 itself was a let down, I'll no doubt get this. The expansions for D2 made the game a lot better and increased the playtime and replayability quite a bit. Not too fused about the new class though, never been a very warrior/hands-to-hands player.

Either way, looking forward to this
Kaostic's picture
But that new boss looks a lot like a Dementor from Harry Potter, sorry.

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