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Rockstar Investigating Grand Theft Auto V Early Releases


All across the world, gamers are eagerly awaiting the release of, for them, the game of the year. However, there have been a few reports of individuals recieving the game early from both commercial and indepedant retailers.

Rockstar Games have announced that they are investigating these 'early arrivals' from one of the bigger commercial resellers, Amazon. There have also been reports of small, independantly owned retailers selling the game early so that they get a leg up on their larger competitors.

We are in the process of investigating early 'sales' to determine how and why that is occurring.
- Representative of Rockstar Games
Kaostic | 16th September, 2013
Cronos's picture
Nothing new for a company like Amazon to send stuff out early if they get the stock in before release date. Been a couple occasions I've had stuff arrive 2+ weeks before release.

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