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Sleeping Dogs Sequel Confirmed

United Front Games, the developer behind 2012's Sleeping Dogs, has confirmed plans for a sequel. To be based in the same universe as Sleeping Dogs, it is unclear whether the next game will continue Detective Wei Shen's story or start afresh.

There have been rumours of a planned sequel since the trademark registration of Triad Wars, and the developer has finally acknowledged their plans. Square Enix will remain publisher of the franchise and we can expect to hear more about it in 2014. 

Despite both decent sales and good reviews praising the riveting story and fun combat, Square Enix labelled the game as a failure. Here at GameGrin, we thought it was one of 2012's hidden gems. Check out the review here.

Thom Whyte | 8th October, 2013
Kaostic's picture
Dude, I loved this game! I expected to hate it and it just be like, a GTA dupe but it was actually really good. One of the only games that I've actually completed in a long time!
Thom Whyte's picture
Originally Posted by Kaostic View Post
Dude, I loved this game!
Me too man! Really wasn't expecting much, but this was a game that took me past my bed-time on more than a few occasions.
Rasher's picture
This came out for a really bad time for me, was playing many games, I need to sort out getting this now
TGK's picture
After my review I really didn't play much. The fighting was great though and I need to play more.

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