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Surgeon Simulator 2013's Secret Alien Surgery

Surgeon Simulator 2013

The Steam community were recently challenged by Bossa Studios', the creators of Surgeon Simulator 2013, with an alternate reality game. Well, the Steam community being the Steam community, they managed to band together in mass numbers and brute force the secret from within the game.

The reward from this brute force tactic is that you can now perform a surgery on an Alien in low-gravity! The video below details the steps you have to go through to access the game mode.

Kaostic | 27th September, 2013
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Ohh Mah Dayum
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My Gobbleshaft hurts
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Originally Posted by Platinum View Post
My Gobbleshaft hurts
You say that like it's supposed to be alien... We always referred to it as your gobbleshaft.

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