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The Dragon Age Keep

In a post on the official Bioware blog, Mark Darrah, Executive Producer of Dragon Age has announced a brand new feature relating to the Dragon Age series, one that will allow us to completely customize Thedas for not just upcoming DAI, but maybe even future games down the line. 

This new feature is called Dragon Age Keep and lets you customize as many or as little aspects of Thedas' history as you like! "Within the Keep, you'll be able to customize a Dragon Age historical world state to your exact specifications. How did you modify your Warden and Hawke? Who were your companions? Who did you choose to romance? Who rose to power, and who fell in defeat? What legacy did you leave?"

Once you've created a history that you love you can then save this world and port it into Dragon Age: Inquisition at the beginning of the new game! This means that choices you made in the Keep can affect your gameplay of the new game.

If you'd like some more information you can read the full blog post here, and you can also sign-up for the Dragon Age Keep beta, which is due to launch early next year.

Emseypenguin | 29th August, 2013
Kaostic's picture
If this is as in-depth as described, this is really awesome - Never been a huge fan of the Dragon Age series but for those that are, to be able to modify the lore to how you want it is huge.
Emseypenguin's picture
The idea of it being cloud-based too, and being able to find out options for previous games and then be able to go back and play it to achieve that. It's incredible really, it will add replay value to old games. Fantastic, great idea. Really excited about it. Needless to say I've signed up for beta.

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