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Timesplitters Rewind in Development for PlayStation 4

A team of fans of the Timesplitters franchise have been working on developing community project Timesplitters Rewind for release on the PlayStation 4.

The team are so confident that Crytek will give the go ahead on this project that they are already well under way on the development process being around 20% of the way in.

Of course fans of the Timesplitters series will be ecstatic about this potential game, and we will await the Crytek nod of approval with bated breath.

Emseypenguin | 5th September, 2013
Rob Gisbey's picture
Ahhhh, man! I used to LOVE Timesplitters when I was younger. I played soooo much multiplayer in the second one, my thumbs actually fell off!

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