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World of Warcraft: Microtransactions?

Take a look at the image above. Bit closer now. See it? That's right "In Game Store - 100% XP Buff". Taken directly from the public test realm's wowhead, this little image comes with some pretty might connotations and a whole lot of questions.

Firstly it looks like microtransactions will be coming to World of Warcraft. And not just any microtrans either, game boosting ones. This item just boosts XP, so it will just help you level quicker, meaning you'll get there anyway if you don't buy the item but an in game store will no doubt have much more on offer and it will be interesting to see whether game-winning items are included.

Secondly it seems ridiculous that a subscription-based game would then introduce further payments within itself. Of course you can choose not to purchase these things but then that means that subscribers who are paying monthly will be not getting the complete game. 

It leaves the question: Is WoW going free-to-play? It would be a huge move by the company and no doubt bring in a surge of new players, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

What do you think? Is Blizzard tight enough to charge players for premium content on top of their subscription? Or do you think it points to a free-to-play move?

Emseypenguin | 4th July, 2013
Kaostic's picture
To me, this looks like a F2P move. However, you say that:

Originally Posted by Emseypemsey Wiggly Woo
Secondly it seems ridiculous that a subscription-based game would then introduce further payments within itself.
Expansion packs? I know they add a lot but they make users pay an extra £30+ on top of their monthly/quarterly/yearly subscription. I would not put it past them to bring in game boosters.

I went back a little while ago to WoW. It was quite a big mistake. When I originally played, it took 10 full days play time to get to level 60. I got from 1 to 90 in 2 and a half days. Shortly after that, I stopped playing.

Straight from the Community Manager's fingers:

Originally Posted by Zarhym
We are currently exploring the possibility of adding a way for players in certain regions to make purchases directly within the game. As part of this process, elements related to this will be appearing on the PTR. We’ll provide additional updates on our plans as development progresses.
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Lol i was about to post that quote
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Expansion Packs do add a hell of a lot too. And 1-90 in 2 and a half days? That's insane. When I played in vanilla it took me nearly a year to get to 60.
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Originally Posted by Emseypenguin View Post
Expansion Packs do add a hell of a lot too. And 1-90 in 2 and a half days? That's insane. When I played in vanilla it took me nearly a year to get to 60.
I never got to level 60 but it took 10 full days play time. I did 1 - 90 in about a month but with 2 and a half days play time.
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ahhh okay that is less scary.
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Could just be an Asia thing. They have every reason to want to level as fast as physically possible, to my understanding.

If it's for everywhere else, not a fan. If people want XP faster there's several ways of doing it already - heirlooms, that XP potion I forget the name of, RAF, free 80's with scrolls if they want to pay.

I've seen a lot of people say there's no cause to worry as it's only an XP potion and not a direct advantage. I'd say they're morons if they think a cash shop will launch with just one item.

See how it goes and what happens but fuck, I've only recently stopped every other MMO I liked, including SWTOR, because of cash shops.

As for time taken, I've been on and off since just before I moved, so a month give or take, and I've only just hit 67 the other day. I literally can't download anything else to play so WoW is it. Saying that, I'm technically still a nub so I'm taking my time where I can.
djdawsonuk's picture
They already have microtransactions in WoW as it is - but not in-game

You can purchase in game pets and mounts with real world money. Also, there's very, very little chance they'll drop it F2P when they have about ~10mill (not sure what they're at right now) paying subscribers still. Business wise it would make no sense at all.

If everyone of those ten million players were UK based, paying £8.99 p/m - that's £89,900,000 p/m that they'd no longer see.

Though, I'd love to see the shareholders meeting when that's announced
Dead Alive's picture
Aye, but there's a difference between strictly vanity items over boosted experience, especially when its freely available in-game already. If someone buys a sparkle pony from the shop they're not going to be flying any faster than any other level 90. If they buy an XP boost and I've not, they're leveling faster than me because they paid cash and I didn't.

I read elsewhere they're testing an in-game purchase system for regions that can't access the Blizz store, for the vanity items/transfers and whatnot. That makes me happy if it's true. It also explains the odd notion of buying an XP booster you can get for free in-game as a cash item as a test.
Maggy's picture
i dont care if its not on my server!

fricken HATE in game stores in RPG games.
They brake the "RPG" experiance for me.

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