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Amy PS3 Preview

Lexis Numérique are a relatively unknown developer, but their latest downloadable title, Amy, looks very promising indeed. With some more images and information emerging about the game this week, we take a closer look at this unusual survival horror experience.

Amy takes place in the not too distant future in a world that has been ravaged by climate change. This has led to a world that is constantly battered by natural disasters and where diseases spread quickly. The title takes place in Silver City, located somewhere in the American Midwest which has recently been subject to an even worse disaster. It has been struck by a strange comet that has turned much of the population into crazed maniacs and strange creatures.


The main character of the title is Lana, a woman who is herself infected, but desperately fighting the mysterious disease released from the meteorite. She finds a small, 8-year old autistic girl in the carnage, the titular Amy, and must protect her from the madness that has engulfed the city. This means avoiding infected humans, horrible monsters, military clean-up teams and even other survivors. It sounds like a dark and bleak, post-apocalyptic scenario which seems to have the potential to be a classic survival horror backdrop.


Amy will have “strange powers”, although the developers are being very elusive as to what they may be at the moment. Lana will have to accompany her and protect her for the game, as well as gaining her trust. It seems Amy can reach small, otherwise inaccessible areas and perform actions that Lana cannot in order to progress. Lexis Numérique have noted that Amy’s powers will be used to keep Lana alive and from slowing down her mutation caused by her infection. However, it seems that by allowing Lana’s condition to worsen she can move among infected without attracting their attention and lure them into certain areas.


Amy’s main gameplay will be “stealth-action” based although there will be carefully rationed portions of more direct combat. More tactical approaches will be more rewarding than dashing into fights and using Lana’s condition to trick and avoid enemies will be a better approach. It’s a design decision that brings to mind other popular survival horror titles such as the Clock Tower and Forbidden Siren titles.

While much of the game is still shrouded in mystery, it is certainly an intriguing premise. There have been relatively few classic survival horror experiences in recent years, aside from a handful of exceptions like Amnesia: The Dark Descent. However, Lexis Numérique will have to work hard on avoiding the whole experience feeling like a particularly long and tedious escort mission. This is a trap that other horror games have fallen into, most memorably Silent Hill 4: The Room. Yet, we’re definitely excited for this title which has been brave enough to try something different in an age dominated by highly generic experiences. With a release towards the end of the year, exclusively on the PSN, Amy looks set to be a very different horror experience.

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evilgiraffeman | 12th July, 2011

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