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Binary Domain Preview

Gamers are renowned for having plenty to say on the performance of their teammates, be they real or AI; often barely a round can go by in a multiplayer without someone unleashing a torrent of abuse. Developers rarely employ a players' linguistic skills for gameplay purposes; a number of Kinect optimised titles have begun to incorporate voice control, whilst Tom Clancy's End War is one of the few cross-platform to implement a solid system of vocal commands.


Sega's new squad-based third-person shooter Binary Domain is set to be the next to include voice control as one of its (distinctly un-binary) two unique selling points; the other is what Sega are calling the 'Consequence System'. Every interaction and command issued to your squad-mates, verbally or through traditional button input, will affect their trust level; expose them to too much enemy fire or respond rudely, and they'll be less inclined to follow your orders or help you out when you get into trouble.

Binary Domain Screenshots

Set in 2080 in a Tokyo overrun by advanced humanoid robots, players join a team of international peacekeepers fighting through the two-tiered dystopia of the Japanese capital. Prior to each level, players will get a choice of two companions to accompany you, ranging from the burly heavy weapons expert, to the suave, French-accented (and thankfully friendly) robot, and numerous others. Each character's specialities will affect how the level plays, along with their individual trust levels.

Binary Domain Screenshots

No shooter (third-person or otherwise) would be worth its salt without solid death-dealing mechanics; thankfully Binary Domain looks like it won't disappoint. Your enemy comprises of waves of assorted bipedal robots, resembling a cross between Terminator's T-800 endoskeleton and I, Robot's NS-5 antagonists, complete with location-based procedural damage - fill an enemy's arm with hot lead and it's likely to drop its weapon, before picking it up again and trying to wield it one-handed. Legs are another component susceptible to destruction, resulting in downed foes trying to crawl towards you if you don't deliver the finishing blow.

Throw in a class-based multiplayer with a variety of modes and the end result is what promises to be a entertaining, carnage-laden romp; whilst there are the inevitable comparisons with the a certain Gear based blockbuster, the satisfying gun-play and intriguing squad karma system means Binary Domain should still be worth your consideration on release.

Beanz | 24th February, 2012
Ewok's picture
Good preview.

Looks like it has a fair bit going for it, I especially like the idea of the 'Consequence System' as that sounds fairly unique.

All in all it looks and sounds pretty solid and definately something I'd be interested in.

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