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Brutal Legend Xbox 360 Preview

Eddie Riggs was an unappreciated roadie to a band that seems to have lost the true spirit of heavy metal. He is not any roadie though, oh no. He can fix anything, build anything and keeps the band rolling. After specially telling one of the band members to not climb on the set, the set that he built collapses on top of Eddie. He wakes up in a metal driven world, with nothing but the power of rock to keep him going (oh and a rather large axe).

Brutal Legend is the newest game from Tim Schafer in which aforementioned roadie, Eddie Riggs is transported to a “bad ass” world in which metal is in power.

You start the game off getting to know controls. As this game is essentially a button basher, they have basic controls which can lead up to amazing combos.‘A’ attacks, ‘B’ blocks, ‘Y’ is your use button and ‘X’ unleashes the power from your guitar to smite your enemies down where they stand, so pretty basic stuff right there.

You are also granted the power of reckless driving. As Eddie Riggs is able to fix and create anything, you are able to build cars that youcan drive at high speeds and every now and then inject nitro to give you that well deserved boost of speed. The controls for this are fairly simple as well.It uses the two back bumper buttons as well as your nitro button (L3).

The voice acting for Eddie Riggs is done by the one and only, Jack Black. This gives the game more of an appeal as fans of Jack Black will know that he is in the band Tenacious D (although it has nothing to do with the game) and so is known for his Rock Music. With it being Jack Black, you know you are going to get some comedy out of this game also, and you will not be disappointed in that department.

The graphics are good but nothing special. They have quite a cartoon feel to them so that gives quite a nice look to the game. It lets you know that they put more effort into gameplay than into the graphics and all gamers will know that gameplay is what is important! Even when that gameplay is to needlessly kill rock demons!

Overall this game looks to be a hit. I mean, what more could you ask for in a game. You are mindlessly killing demons with a powerful battleaxe and a guitar, accompanied by an awesome heavy metal playlist! Furthermore there are a cast of rock legends such as Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Halford to guide you in your quests. It’s definitely one to add to the collection.

Kaostic | 20th October, 2009
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You need to sort out your spacing here a bit mate. You've got a bunch of words jumbled together through it.
Your pasting / formatting has joined a few words so give it a quick proof.
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Got them all I think, Thanks
Fourth paragraph - thatwell (same line - .It)

Fifth paragraph - ,you

Second to last - isto

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Originally Posted by Snoozer View Post
Fourth paragraph - thatwell (same line - .It)

Fifth paragraph - ,you

Second to last - isto

Changed - Cheers.

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