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Captain Blood GamesCom 2009 Preview

Ask most people on the street what they know about pirates and you'll probably get responses like plundering on the high seas, Blackbeard or Captain Jack Sparrow. However there is one tale that is rarely spoken of yet, and that is the tale 1C have used to inspire their latest Xbox offering.


Touting frantic action and fluid gameplay, slash ‘em up Captain Blood certainly perked my interest, with the likes of Devil May Cry and Bayonetta on the market as possible competition, could this creep under the radar as a surprise hit or sail the seas of mediocrity?


To kick things off we were shown a scene within a tavern and initial impressions were very good indeed. It did not take long before we were thrown into an all-out brawl with the demonstrator stringing together fluid and viscerally over the top attacks and kills - bloody enough to satisfy the lust of most action gamers. Your main protagonist of Captain Blood certainly looked at home in the fight with his muscular physique and swashbuckling pony tail wafting about with his every move.


This certainly felt more like God of War brutally injected into Pirates of the Caribbean and the team were certainly proud of what they had accomplished in regards to the hack and slash combat. Throughout your gameplay you will, at times, be accompanied by a sidekick offering assistance in taking down your foes, and additionally you may take control of the sidekick for certain sections of the game.


One example of this was the character of Jeremy Pitt, who pales in comparison to Blood in terms of raw power yet his slender frame more than makes up for this in terms of speed and agility. Pitt had to face off against a muscle-bound pirate boss, obviously going toe to toe would prove fatal for Pitt so utilising barrels of explosives to damage and stun the boss before getting a few quick strikes in to defeat him via a gratuitous fatality, the likes of which would make Mortal Kombat proud.


If this does not tempt you into grabbing the game, then how about full blown sea battles featuring cannons, flame throwers and realistic ship damage. As well as land invasions and ship boardings as you battle on deck to take over the enemy vessel then claim it as your own in your ever increasing naval stockpile.

It's apparent that the prospect of Pirates, gorgeous visuals, visceral combat and high seas plundering could be a winning combination for 1C and Sea Wolf and it's certainly a title I look forward to arriving in early 2010.


Wedgeh | 27th September, 2009

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