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Dante's Inferno Xbox 360 Preview

Dante’s Inferno follows a Knight in the Third Crusade (a real-life character by the name of Dante Alighieri who wrote about his vision of the afterlife in the 13th century) who has a red crucifix sewn onto his chest which depicts the events of the crusade. Dante is stabbed in the back (literarily) and is faced with the Grim Reaper. Dante refuses to comply with Death so decides to fight him on a one-on-one dual. After many jumps and swings, Death is defeated and Dante claims his scythe for himself and the power that comes with it. With the scythe, you may pull off awesome combos, reap the souls of the eternally damned and gain magical powers (for some reason). You must use this scythe and newly acquired magical powers to fight your way through the nine rings of hell to reach your ideal woman, Beatrice.
Dante's Inferno
Gameplay wise, this game is fairly simple and unoriginal. It mirrors the likes of God of War and Spartan: Total Warrior in which you rapidly smash the face buttons to completely mutilate your enemies (in this case, demons and souls from the underworld). You use fountains to rejuvenate your health and mana by inserting your scythe into them and hastily bashing the face buttons, hoping not to be attacked by any enemies in the process.

Mana is used to cast your spells that seem a tad out of the ordinary for a holy man such as a charge attack that leaves behind an ice trail but they are quite fun to disfigure demons with. Along with your magical spells you get a skill called ‘Redemption’. While killing enemies you build up redemption and when your bar becomes full you can use it, speeding up your attack rate massively and causing more damage.
Dante's Inferno
On top of all of this, you can take control of rather large demons by slotting your scythe into their temporal lobe. These control the same way as you would Dante. To do so, you enter an interactive fight-scene where you must press specific buttons when prompted. This is also how you can do a sort of finishing move on some larger enemies.

Just because this game has mirrored others, I am not saying that it isn’t a good game because that would be far from the truth. Dante’s Inferno is a very impressive game – if not a little adult due to the mature content. The developers do not seem to be able to keep a female’s top on within this game.
Dante's Inferno
The graphics both in-game and during the cinematics are pretty decent as well. The in-game graphics are what we expect from a game now-days but the cinematics are something to see. They match that of Modern Warfare 2 or Uncharted 2. They are simply brilliant.

In all, this game is nothing greatly new, but enough so that it’s certainly one to add to the collection. The gameplay is simple and addictive and the graphics are incredible. Who wouldn’t want to enter hell and decapitate demons after all?
Dante's Inferno
Kaostic | 17th January, 2010

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