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Duke Nukem Forever, Hands on Experience

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Come get some!

While GameOn were attending the Gadget Show 2011, we were lucky enough to get some hands on time with the latest Duke Nukem game.

The Gadget Show Live

Duke Nukem, the name synonymous with a great game and a great man. Even for us loyal gamers it has been a wait which we have had to endure for far too long - even just for a quick demo of the game. However the wait was finally over and as we approached the booth we could see the iconic figure of Duke, but we just couldn't wait any longer and simply had to play this damn game. Now.

The demo itself is the same that we have seen at PAX and any other press coverage event, though the best part of this was of course that this was the first time that this demo has seen the light of day in the UK and we couldn't have been happier to get our grubby little mitts on it.

Duke Nukem

The demo starts you off in a locker room stood next to a urinal. With a quick press of a button, you’re having a pee, a great throw back to Duke Nukem 3D. Once our chuckles were over I explored around the room for a while, looking at mirrors, turning taps on and off; you name it, it all works just like in real life. I ventured out of the room and now in a larger outer room with dead bodies strewn around the floor and a guy chattering away next to a big white board, walking up to it I was surprised to find that the board is interactive. I can write with markers and use an eraser to clean up. As usual we found it most productive to draw rude pictures and laugh uncontrollably.

All the while I was doing this the NPC was saying “Good plan, I like it” or “I don't understand this one”. After drawing what I thought was the best plan in the world I moved on to trying to explore the rest of the level. As I kicked down a door and ran toward a pitch I could see a massive enemy and soliders all around fighting him off left and right but unfortunately my time to kick ass had to wait a little longer as it was at that point that the roof came crumbling down and the entrance was closed.

Duke Nukem

Running the long way around to a new entrance I saw soldiers and enemies having battles as I was running down the corridor. The graphics in the game look great and while your average Duke fan will not care too much about the graphics its nice to see the game doesn't look dated even before it’s released.

After a quick jog down some stairs and through a corridor we arrive at an elevator that is to take me to meet the first boss. Just as you get on to the elevator you are given a gun which has no ammo, so as I started my first boss battle my first action was to get some ammo. “No problem” I thought, but it soon came apparent that there were no weapon pickups or even ammo on the playing field. After a minute of running around and dodging incoming attacks, a voice came through and said they were going to drop ammo on the field for me. So now we’re packing and if you haven't seen or guessed - the first boss in this demo is the last boss from Duke Nukem 3D. So after a lot of shooting, strafing and general running about the boss finally dropped to his knees. After a quick button mashing to release the pipe from the back of the bosses suit, he’s down for the count. After a quick field goal and another classic Duke one-liner you will see the Duke Nukem Forever logo appear and you think that’s it. However the screen will slowly move backwards and it is revealed that you have been playing the Duke Nukem Forever game within this demo. After your mind has melted for a second or two you are introduced to the lovely Wholesome twins who seem to be our favorite part of the demo so far. After this cut scene the demo then moves you to the next chapter.

Duke Nukem

The second chapter starts you off in a desert which you then get into Duke’s ride which is a massive 4x4 monster truck which you use to run over enemies and navigate through a canyon on dirt roads. The handling of the vehicle is good and it was a nice change of pace to drive rather than carry on just shooting the holy hell out of enemies. However the driving section doesn't last too long and once again find yourself up against a lot of enemies which need taking out using either a shotgun or your trusty pistol. The end of this section marked the end of the demo.

The demo is short, but it gives you a taste of what’s to come. Comparing this to previous footage of the demo that has been on display for over 6 months now, a few sections have changed and we feel the graphics in some cases look a lot better.

Even after our play-through had finished, we wanted to go back and go through the whole process again. We don't care if it drip feeds you snippets and tidbits, we love it for doing so. There’s a demo being released for those who have either pre-ordered it, or have been given access to the “first-access” club by having bought Borderlands Game of the Year edition. Most of us here at GameOn have either one of these two - and we’re looking forward to kicking some alien ass. Now, where did we leave our bubblegum?

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Rasher | 22nd May, 2011

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