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Eligium PC Preview

It seems that more and more nowadays, we are seeing Free-To-Play MMOs popping up all over the internet and I think that the question that has to be answered - and I hope to answer in the next few paragraphs - is: Can Eligium really set itself out from the crowd?

Eligium Screenshots

Eligium is a Free-To-Play MMO from ShandaGames due to be released in Spring 2012. In the game your main objective is to, and I quote, “protect the expansive world of Eligium from the demons”. The reason why I quoted this is because whilst playing in the Closed Beta, I couldn’t really tell what the storyline was (although I did read the quest logs). It was only after visiting their website and scouting around for a bit that I found that statement and understood slightly more as to why there were so many demonic creatures running all over the land! I think with such a contender as Star Wars: The Old Republic’s storyline, they have a lot to live up to in this respect and could definitely use some perfecting.

Eligium ScreenshotsLike in any decent MMO, you have the choice of Race and Class. Sadly, in Eligium, your choices are limited. The class that you choose comes with a set race, these are: Elves are Hunters, Humans are Mages/Warriors, Viridis (sort of like Worgans from World of Warcraft) are Druids and Pandas are Fighters (although advertised as “Monks”); yes, that’s right, Pandas. Quite obviously, I chose the Panda class to venture through the world decapitating demons.

Something really quite unique about this game though, that I both liked and disliked for different reasons, is the movement style. You have your standard WASD controls to move your hero around but you can also click on the screen (think Diablo meets World of Warcraft) and/or map to make your hero move. Quite a nice twist I thought until I started moving places that I didn’t want to by accidentally misclicking. If I had enough time to get used to it, I am sure that I would have taken a shine to it but nobody likes change at first. The thing I didn’t like as much about this point-and-click style though is that if you want to be lazy you can open the map and click on it to make your hero run to that location. I really cannot decide if I like this feature yet but I chose not to use it as I felt that it detracted from the gameplay, but I suppose to each his own.

Eligium Screenshots

Another uncommon quality about this game is that you can train your pets up and then mount them. Although I didn’t experience this first hand, I am told by their website that it is possible and this could be truly quite amazing. One thing that I found lacking in other MMOs such as World of Warcraft is that you have a pet and then a mount, I could never understand why they couldn’t be one in the same. It seems that Eligium have heard this calling and implemented such a system!

The graphics in this game sort of confused me. I liked them, sure. They were realistic(ish) and they look good from any view point but I couldn’t quite work out if the good people at ShandaGames wanted this to be an anime-type game or a realistic-type game. I’ll give you an example. The elves are very anime - big eyes, pink hair, jiggle physics, the lot; while the humans are fairly ‘real’ looking and detailed. I’m not sure if this is what they were aiming for but it confused me when wandering through the world.

Eligium Screenshots

As previously mentioned Eligium is going to be Free-To-Play, however, like with many other Free-To-Play MMOs, there are ‘optional extras’ which you can purchase. ShandaGames have said that these purchased items will not make the game easier but only let you customise the game more to your liking but we will see when the full game is released how true this rings.

So what is there to look forward to from Eligium this spring? The panda race, an expansive world to explore that’s quite visually elegant, a story line that could use some work and pets that you train and then can mount. For a Free-To-Play MMO, this one is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Kaostic | 3rd February, 2012

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