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F1 Race Stars Preview

Have you ever wanted to drive round a track loosely based on real F1 race tracks, with a micro version of Lewis Hamilton in a kart-like F1 race car? Well, you're in luck because that's exactly what you can do in F1 Race Stars!

In the demo you are allowed to play on the Germany track with about a half-dozen selection of drivers, so instinctively I jumped straight for Jenson Button (mainly because he's really the only name I recognised).

F1 Race Stars

Starting off the race, there was a very Mario Kart-esq feeling to the game and this pretty much stayed in my mind throughout. You've got power-ups, speed boosts and KERS corners (speed boosts on a corner that allow you to build up more of a boost). The power-ups are pretty generic; you've got a Red "Orb" (essentially a red shell from Mario Kart) which chases a player in front, Balloons (Bananas), Trap Bubbles (Fake Boxes), Boosts (Mushrooms) and so on. The exception to this is the is the Safety Car which, as many of you will know from F1, means that everybody has to slow down.

When your car is hit by power-ups it will take damage and slowly your car will become less responsive and the wheels will start to wobble and what not. To fix this, you have to pull into one of the many Pits dotted around the map. I really liked this feature and think that it is lacking in some other games.

F1 Race Stars

Whenever a driver rides over a power-up or uses a power-up, they will say a catch phrase. After about 5 minutes this started to get on my nerves as I began to notice the catch phrases repeat over and over again. Hopefully, in the full game, they may give a bit of variation to each players catch phrase but I'm not holding my breathe!

The actual look and feel of the game is great, the cars control really well and the graphics make my eyes happy from throwing power-ups at other players to the weather effects. The drivers are very well made and look exactly like a caricature of their namesakes.

Overall, this game looks essentially like a near-carbon copy of Mario Kart with a few extra bits added to make it feel more like F1 but does this make it any less fun? Like hell it does! I spent a good 2 hours just going round the same track, testing out different drivings and ramming others off the road with power-ups! I cannot wait to get my hands on a full copy of the game and try my hand online!

Kaostic | 20th November, 2012
Ewok's picture
Clearly a shameless ripoff of Mario Kart - but looks brill. I really like the look of the graphics in this too.
Kaostic's picture
Oh yeah of course it is, but that doesn't mean it's not fun. It's £27.99 fun but maybe like.. £15.
Ewok's picture
How's the AI racing? Do they play fair or is it blatant rubber-banding like Mario Kart Wii?
Kaostic's picture
Originally Posted by Ewok View Post
How's the AI racing? Do they play fair or is it blatant rubber-banding like Mario Kart Wii?
They're pretty basic. Fight each other as you would expect but there's usually one really good one that ends up in front and I can't beat until after a lap.
djd4ws0n's picture
Personally I wasn't that impressed with this, maybe I didn't give it enough time, but - gah - I dunno. Just didn't sit right.
Kaostic's picture
What were you looking for in it Dawson?

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