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FEAR 2: Project Origin Demo Preview

After going through a lot of developer trouble, and a name change, it seems FEAR 2: Project Origin is finally with us. The demo released today for PC, Xbox 360 and later tonight Playstation 3 gives us a brief encounter with Alma, and what to expect from the full game when it's released on the 10th February.

FEAR 2 Gameplay

As I was playing through the demo I was trying to grab screens of good parts, alas, as you'll know if you played it, the good parts are unexpected and thus hard to get good screen captures. However, the ones I took in vain at least show off the graphics, I played with all settings maxed on a 8800GTS and there was no slowdown, even dyring some of the meatier parts of the demo.

To start off with, this is very much the sequel to FEAR (First Encounter Assault Recon), there's no denying it. There is the game play, the way it looks, the way it presents it's scares, it's all very familiar. It's up to you whether or not that's a bad thing. For me, as a huge fan of the original when it first came out on the PC, it's a good thing.

FEAR 2 Gameplay

On starting the demo, the first thing you'll notice (if you've changed the brightness properly and aren't scared) is that it's very, very dark. This adds to the atmosphere almost immediately and your drawn into the game from the word go. Within minutes, you see your first piece of paranormal activity and as a bit of a glutton for punishment, I played in as dark a room as I could, with the volume as loud as I could handle. This all added up to me jumping about 8 times during the course of the demo, even although the scares are fairly predictable, it still does the job.

This is one of the problems I have though, it is all a bit too predictable. Although I love the original formula, it's all a bit like everything here is "been there, done that" and although that's no bad thing really, it left me feeling a little like I wanted more from it. This is just the demo though, and there is undoubtably more to do in the retail release than here. The slow motion is as fun as ever, and shooting an enemy at point blank range with a shotgun during slow motion.... Just as good as it ever was (result of such shotgun blast below).


It's hard to describe exactly how it is the game plays through the use of text. It's all very fluid, from hopping over a desk, to going from hip fire to iron sight. Bringing me to one of the games simpler, but important features, cover. Unlike the original where cover was everywhere for the enemy, but not for you, this time around you have the ability to create your own. Be it from knocking over a table, or opening a car door, there's cover wherever you choose to make it, making fire fights with the still impressive AI more tactical than ever before.

Overall, first impressions from this demo are simple enough. If you liked the first FEAR, you're going to like this, if you didn't there's a high chance you may still like it. It's a solid FPS with tight controls and a farily simple HUD and interface. Maybe a little too easy for veteran FPS players, I found it rather easy playing the demo on hard mode, but worthy of checking out.

There's one last thing I want to mention, but I'm not going to go on about it, as I don't want to spoil this part for potential players, and that's the mech suit. It really does make you feel like a heavy hitting, damn near invincible son of a...

Although I think it's a bit easy at this point, it's definately a day one purchase for me.

Dead Alive | 22nd January, 2009
You shouldn't be scoring a preview

Well convention suggests so. Installing at the moment.
Dead Alive's picture
Wasn't sure whether to put it in as a review or news, review = score. My bad if it was wrong.
Originally Posted by Dead Alive View Post
Wasn't sure whether to put it in as a review or news, review = score. My bad if it was wrong.
Doesn't bother me, but just the first time I've seen it done.

It's a preview as far as I'm aware.
Dead Alive's picture
Ok just had a look at the options, turned out I chose the wrong one. Everyone ignore the score at the bottom, I just done it because it was there.

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