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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Preview

While wandering the vast expanse of the Leipzig games convention I stumbled across a little booth guarded by two catalogue models pretending to be hard men dressed in some sort of PMC regalia. The reason: that the booth contained content only suitable for those over the age of 18.   

Fear Alma

After flashing my press pass of +5 smugness, I easily breezed past the guards and into the darkened and slightly disturbing room of F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin. "Aha superb" I thought and quickly waddled over to the nearest free demonstration pod to try out this eagerly awaited sequel, while trying not look too worried about the operating table covered in blood in the middle of the booth.

Fear something

For those who aren't too aware of F.E.A.R, let me give you a brief recap. F.E.A.R, or to give you its full name First Encounter Assault Recon, was created by Monolith Productions back in 2005 and was touted as a survival horror first person shooter. The story revolved around some spooky and rather mysterious happenings involving an 8 year old child called Alma who possesses supernatural powers and a psychic named Fettel who telepathically controls an army of cloned soldiers, to which the F.E.A.R team is called in to stop.

Lots of shooting, explosions and hallucinations ensue along with a couple of expansion packs to the game which Monolith had nothing to do with, we now fast forward towards the present day. Monolith and Vivendi have parted ways which caused some friction between the two companies due to Activision holding the rights to the F.E.A.R name which thankfully Monolith's new home of Warner Bros Interactive has now acquired from Activision earlier this year.

Ok, to the game itself. The story of F.E.A.R 2 kicks off around 30 minutes prior to the end of the original title giving you control of the protagonist, a Delta Force operative named Michael Becket heading towards the penthouse home of Genevieve Aristide as directed by the F.E.A.R team.

A big part of what made the original F.E.A.R so wonderful was the enemy AI and I'm glad that this was still evident in the demo that I managed to play, yet somewhat tweaked from what I could tell. I was attacked by 3 units forcing me to take cover behind a burned out car, one unit attempted to keep me pinned down with fire while I noticed the others sneaking round attempting to flank me. Can anyone say SHOGO? 

No more John Rambo style runs for me, as doing so would result in getting mown down by walls of hot lead in record time. There isn't just one type of enemy AI either, Monolith have gone to some length to introduce more soldier types with their own style of behaviour and tactics resulting in a change of pace and breaking up the gaming experience so that you don't fall into the dreary trap of repetitiveness.

Not only are the enemy units more challenging and more varied, but more of the game world is interactive too. Tables can be upturned to create a barrier for yourself; car doors can be opened for some cover and you can leap over walls and fences in the midst of a fire fight in an attempt to shield you from the bullets. Put the pair together, sprinkle in more varied locales with a few mechs that expel explosive death, destructible environments and you'll find that the stakes in Project Origin are higher and overall more fun.


Fear Alma again
The game itself looks quite impressive too, with the gore of the game verging on the lines of excessive helped via the improvements to the Jupiter EX engine. Everything seems to be three or four more times detailed than the original F.E.A.R so there is a lot of eye candy for your brain to process then drool over and it's all shaping up to make F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin one of the must have titles for Xbox360 Playstation 3 and PC early 2009
Wedgeh | 20th October, 2008

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