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Full Mojo Rampage Preview

Full Mojo Rampage is a Rogue-like game in which you play as a voodoo doll, tasked to complete quests with the aid of your parent Loa. A Loa is a deity which empowers you with certain skills that you use out while questing. Now, as this game is currently in alpha, a lot of the features are missing due to still being in development however; the game has already a significant amount of polish to it and is shaping up to be quite the interesting title.

So you have five main quests in the game each with a number of sub-quests to complete, along the way you'll be fighting off hordes of evil do'ers with your doll and its wand. As this is a Rogue-like title then death is permanent and your voodoo soul is transferred to another doll, which means all the progress you make in one main quest, you will have to do all over again though your level, money and skill sets will remain intact for the next incarnation. We've seen this kind of mechanic before recently in Rogue Legacy and this style of gameplay seems to becoming more and more popular as it offers players a genuine challenge and rewarding sense of achievement when they defeat a difficult area for the first time.

Each time you load up an area it will be procedurally generated meaning no two runs are the same which just adds to the challenge as you're unable to memorise paths to objectives and have to explore the lands once again. There's a certain element of risk over reward as once you complete your objectives you can continue to explore to find hidden chests and earn more money but run the risk of dying or you can cut your losses and enter the next level.

The control method for the game is fairly simple too, move with WSAD while you point and shoot with the mouse, spacebar and right mouse button are reserved for your two selectable skills and you have a limited inventory for idols and other such collectables like health pots and stat boosting items. This simplicity means the game is extremely easy to pick up as there's no over complicated key bindings or combinations to remember.

That being said, you can be surrounded by enemies on all fronts very quickly if you don't have your wits about you and the enemies come in various shapes and sizes, some being easy to kill while others being rather difficult. Thankfully you can enter these treacherous zones in co-operative play or just have a load of fun in the multiplayer options too, sadly no servers were available at the time of writing but the game is in alpha and to be expected while the developers still work on the core aspects of the title.

Now it's been a long while since we've had a voodoo themed game and to my knowledge, only Grim Fandango stands out as being the only other voodoo themed title that we've had in our gaming history. Please correct me if I am wrong but it's nice that Over The Top Games chose this particular style, and it shows in the fairly polished visuals of the title with over the top voodoo masks, the creepy music and cartoony skeleton enemies, not to mention the vast array of voodoo references in the forms of the Loa that you can select and voodoo pins that you can select in order to increase your powers.

While only a couple of masks, one main quest and a few Loa parents are available in this alpha, what we have played has been an extremely enjoyable romp. The game is available on Steam in the early access program which allows you to enter the alpha and a DRM free version along with a Steam version of Full Mojo Rampage when everything is complete; and in our view, it's well worth a shot.

Wedgeh | 3rd September, 2013

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