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Homefront Gamescom Preview

Presented to ourselves at Gamescom this year, as part of THQ's line up was Homefront, a FPS title for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The market is saturated with FPS games currently, but THQ is promising that Homefront is going to be different to the others. Can it compete with the current giants of the FPS genre e.g. Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2?


Homefront is set in 2027 USA, In an unusual twist on the traditional war stories featuring the Americans, i.e. they have the superior forces and walk away the hero with apple pie excreting from their ass, Homefront looks at things from the flip side. Described as a ‘what if?' story, Homefront shows us what could happen if the USA was invaded and taken over. The story, written by Apocalypse Now writer John Milius tells of the unification of North and South Korea and their armed forces to create the Greater Korean Republic. With these countries unified, they eventually manage to take over the USA.


The game puts you in the shoes of a recruit of the American resistance forces, you start off in a community camp that some of your fellow resistance members have created. This is a safe place, hidden by trees, scrim nets and made to look like a abandoned apartment block from the outside. This is where Homefront differs from other FPS games, whilst in this safe haven, you are able to converse with the other residents, piece together bits of the story and find out other peoples backgrounds in a similar way to an RPG game.

Unfortunately this peace and tranquility does not last and you are thrust into the action quite quickly. We were presented with some gameplay footage of Homefront and its intense firefights. The demonstration shown yourself and an AI partner in a car park of what looked to be a shopping center. Napalm is suddenly dropped from a helicopter setting people alight, we saw them running around on fire, screaming desperately trying to put themselves out. Your AI partner is trying to keep you covered from incoming fire as you've been knocked down.


Throughout the demo it was made apparent that this is a fast paced action game, with bullets flying from every direction, troops running on the ground, ducking and diving for whatever available cover you can find and helicopters shooting from above, you are guaranteed to be involved in some dramatic firefights.

You are also going to be able to share the experience with friends as multiplayer is going to be a massive part of the game. Frank DeLise, Homefront's executive producer told of how he envisions large scale battles, pitting two factions against each other in epic fire fights. Homefront is going to have dedicated servers, something that the previously mentioned Modern Warfare 2 severely lacked, so with this in mind, Homefront looks set to be a big game in the multiplayer scene.


With so many FPS titles around, its going to take something special to be noticed. Homefront has some interesting idea's and hard hitting action from the start along with several elements that other FPS titles are missing. For these reasons it looks as though it is going to be a standout game in a crowded genre.

Angelfromabove | 24th August, 2010
Beanz's picture
I'm assuming the "apple pie excreting from their ass" line was provided by Mr Wedgeh
Angelfromabove's picture
I told him that everybody would know instantly that he added in that line!
And you did! HA!

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