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Mass Effect 3 Preview

So, it's coming, the most anticipated RPG of 2012 is almost with us. It's due on for European release on 9th March and I, for one can't wait.

The third instalment of the epic Mass Effect (ME) saga sees our hero, John Shepard (or Jane if you're a FemShep aficionado), back home on earth after being unceremoniously discharged for his/her actions in the Mass Effect 2 DLC, Arrival. During a meeting on Earth, it becomes clear that the Reapers have reached Earth - it's up to Commander Shepherd to save the planet.

mass effect 3

From here he will venture forth to gather a force to combat the Reapers and hopefully win. But, this being Mass Effect, that's not guaranteed; losing is always a possibility, and each action has consequences. This is one thing we expect from a Mass Effect game, jeopardy; have you made the right decision, no other game make those choices seem so important.

Being a BioWare title, we all know this will be a polished and professional release in the RPG genre. This time they have given us some options on how we play the game through though: Action – where the story is just a background for all those lovely fights with some awesome future weapons, RPG – the classic ME game with role playing elements brought to the fore, and finally Story Mode - combat and RPG take a back seat to the epicness of the on-going saga.

mass effect 3

Also in this release BioWare have taken the new Kinect system to heart and included a huge array of voice commands for Shepherd, from ordering your squads around, to changing weapons. The system has been integrated very well and doesn't feel bolted on in anyway - quite an achievement and surely an indication of what can, and should be done to bring Kinect into the more mainstream gaming community.

Even though BioWare have already announced this is to be the last Mass Effect title, this shouldn't detract from it - it's the end of the story we have followed for years, so unless they have hired the writers from Lost, we should get a spectacular end to one of the greatest stories ever told.

mass effect 3

All in all, Mass Effect 3 is a huge game to look forward to. This could be the game of the year; whoever comes after it will have some way to go to beat it I'm sure.

azrael316 | 8th March, 2012
Kaostic's picture
Never been into ME .. Hopefully those who do get what they are expecting!
azrael316's picture
So, how do I claim credit for this then. lol.

(Thanks for putting it up for me btw AFA)
Angelfromabove's picture
Balls forgot to change that, will do it now
Dead Alive's picture
Not sure I'm looking forward to this really. Looking back on the second, I'd still give it the same high score I did for first review impressions, but comparing it to the first it all just seems to have gone downhill in a more simplistic direction, and it looks the same here. I know they've got 'RPG' mode or whatever it is, but I highly doubt it'll be the same as the original, which was already lite on the RPG side of things.

Still, I'd rather have the wonky shooting and a fair few RPG elements than tighter shooting and barely any RPG elements.
Ewok's picture
I'm looking forward to this. After playing the last two I need to see how Shepherd's story ends. Be a while before I get it though as I'm currently replaying ME2 after a losing my saved game.
marky_mark's picture
Get the demo through Origin, It plays ok but still prefer ME2
Ewok's picture
No demo or me, I know I'm going to get it anyway so don't want to play te eginning just to play it again later.

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