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PES 2011 Gamescom 2010 Hands-On Preview

Before talking about the new gameplay aspects of PES 2011, there are several new features to take care of. The one with the most potential is Master League Online, which will see the player able to manage and play their team against others online in five leagues. The managerial side will carry on with the classic buying and selling of players to slowly construct their ultimate team. Win games and you'll earn points, but continually lose and you'll have to sell players to keep competing and remain in the league.

PES 2011

The game editor returns with the capability to create Stadiums, with an option to edit everything from seat capacity to architecture and even the nets. This is all in addition to being able to edit or create teams, players and leagues. EA sadly have a watertight hold Premier League licence, but the player will at least be able to create or edit players, teams and leagues. The two English licensed teams for PES 2011 are said to be Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur, while Wembley Stadium also looks set to feature as one of the licensed stadiums.

PES 2011

Setting up a team before every match has also been made easier with a new drag and drop system, paving the way for quicker substitutions and more effective formation changes. However, it is the new gameplay engine for PES 2011 which really looks set to create a stir. Within a minute of playing I could feel the difference from all previous football games, with the word "freedom" at the forefront of the experience. Similar to FIFA 11, the 360-degree passing movement has been modified to take into account exact power and accuracy of a direct or through-pass. However this seems to have been implemented more effectively in PES 2011, making for a more challenging but rewarding system.

PES 2011

Gameplay in PES 2011 remains noticeably faster than FIFA 11, but with the new improvements this type of play feels fresher and more involving than ever before. This is all backed-up by improved goalkeeper and defender AI and also some of the 1000 or so animations which help connect every movement with a delightful fluidity. Individual player physics have been promised in the past but this time the difference between player attributes seemed noticeably unique. The power and stamina gauges are also linked together more significantly, so an exhausted player will struggle to pass or shoot as accurately as when they were on top form.

PES 2011 

My hands-on playtime accumulated in a 10-minute match against Steven Merrett, Managing Director of Voltage PR. He was Argentina and I took England. It was an eventful match which I eventually won with a flattering score-line of 4-0, with Emile Heskey banging in two goals, which clearly shows the game still has a little way to go before being realistic. Frank Lampard hit a screamer from 30-yards to cap-off a fun and satisfying game.

PES 2011

On paper, FIFA 11 looks the better player with all the licenses and a wider appeal, but on the pitch PES 2011 looks and feels like it has the potential to take the crown. However, like the Manchester United vs. Manchester City derby, this one is going to be hard to call either way. PES 2011 is due set to be released on or around October 8th in the UK for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PC, Nintendo Wii and PSP, with a demo likely to be released by the end of September.

POBmaestro | 24th August, 2010
TGK's picture
Holy sh*t I can't wait for this!
bustercapinme's picture
hopefully we'll get the first decent next gen pro evo game, its been a long wait konami!
POBmaestro's picture
Originally Posted by bustercapinme View Post
hopefully we'll get the first decent next gen pro evo game, its been a long wait konami!
This is the first PES game I've been impressed with since PES5 on the PS2, but not only that it might have one over FIFA in the gameplay department too. I'm looking forward to playing more of this in the coming weeks.

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