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RACE On PC Preview

Racing games come in all different shapes, sizes and genres and many gamers have a preferred style. Some feel that "arcade" games like Need for Speed and GRID are the better, whereas some prefer the more laid back style of the simulation games such as Gran Turismo and Forza. In my eyes, a great racing game is finding the balance. Not just the type, but what cars are in the game, the tracks and the different game styles. The upcoming game from SimBin (a Swedish game company behind such titles as RACE Pro and RACE 07) named RACE On encompasses all these points beautifully.

The game that is due to be released on PC later next month has some serious potential to be a game that stands out in the genre. You have the opportunity to choose from up to 39 different vehicles in 17 different race categories of which can be raced at over 45 various locations worldwide. This may not sound like a massive number, but this isn't all you get. The numbers I have shown here are for RACE On only. With your purchase you get 3 more full games - RACE 07 - The WTCC Game, STCC - The Game and Volvo - The Game. RACE 07 itself has over 300 different cars so the numbers keep going on and on.

Enough about figures and statistics, onto the game itself. The first thing I did upon loading the game was go straight to the options menu. I play racing games they way they should always be played, with a steering wheel. A good steering wheel is essential for such gaming - but it can only be good if the settings can be altered to match. Fantasticly the game recognised my controller straight away and unlike many games it allows the user to have a full 6-speed gear box for your designated controller (something I found lacking in games like GRID).

Some of the classes which you can choose from include several Formula Series Cars and many Touring Cars too, both of which are my favourites. To cater for all driving styles there are many sliders and options to adjust your own specific preferences. There are enough to make it so the car handles like an arcade style game and when turned off the car handles like it would in a simulation - the perfect combination.

Most races are set-up like a normal race weekend with the exception that you can change the start from static on the grid to rolling. The weather conditions will also be adjustable in the full version as they weren't in the beta I played. Small things such as track officials and warnings of collisions of different sectors of the track put this game above many other racing games of its kind. One of the best things I found was the live split timings from the car in front and behind. Instead of having timings on each sector, you can check your progress for gaining and pulling away from cars behind in front of you to the second - a very nifty feature.

I don't want to give too much away at the moment but what you can be assured about, is the fact that if you love racing games then this is a complete must have. It works perfectly with many game wheels and feels like a proper racing game, with as many different options as there are cars. To get 4 games in one is just a pure bonus for a game that will cost no more than a standard PC title.

RACE On along with all the games you receive with it will retail at £29.99 and is due to be released on the 9th of October although that can be subject to change.


TGK | 21st October, 2009
Benneb's picture
GRID allows for 6 speed gearboxes. In the options you can set a key/button for each gear

And just thinking, what with NFS Shift just out, this in october and then DIRT2 in november. It is a good time of year for the PC racing crowd
Vulpine's picture
Thanks for the preview.

For current owners of Race07/STCC/GTR-Evo, this is going to amount to a car and track add on. If you already have all those games I am not sure what, other than a few more cars and tracks it will bring. I don't think there is any great graphic improvement is there?

If you don't have any of the games, this is a great value pack though.

Hope to get some racing in at the LAN
TGK's picture
I agree with Benneb that racing this Christmas is going to be massive. Not just on PC, but for all consoles.

When using the G25 I wasn't able to bind the 6-speed box with each gear change. Although they are inverted bindings, it erased the previous binding, that's what I was getting to

Thanks for the feedback Vulpine, much appreciated. I would be more than welcome to play some of this at a LAN.
TGK's picture
I said about arcade style games and Blur has been pushed back into 2010

Rasher's picture
just a quick note
we had to remove this preview due to the fact i messed up with the embargo dates

we had to take it offline (and i contacted the publishers and apologies)
this was my fault, not Gingers

Sorry for stopping a conversation on this which was at full steam before.
Hope you all forgive me
Betty_Swallocks's picture
Does anyone know if it is possible to use GTR mods & addons with this? I like the idea of using the Top Gear test track
Vulpine's picture
Yeh, I have the Top Gear test track to use with Race07/GTR/STCC but I don't know if it will work with this demo? I suspect it will work with the full game though...
TGK's picture
Thanks for all the comments guys and thanks for putting this back online Rasher, that's a massive help. Sorry I couldn't upload it on the day.

Not sure about the mods as I haven't come across that myself. When I get the chance I shall speak to the publishers about it

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