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Red Faction: Battlegrounds Gamescom Preview

Shortly after being shown the cracking Red Faction: Armageddon, we were also shown a trailer and gameplay footage of the brand new and never seen before Red Faction title, Battlegrounds.
Set to be released before the launch of Armageddon in spring 2011, and only for XBLA and PSN, Battlegrounds is on a completely different tangent to the current stable of Red Faction games.

Face Off

Red Faction Battlegrounds is a top down vehichle based death match arcade title, think along the lines of Scrap Metal on XBLA and you're on the right track as to how this game will span out. The game can be played with any combination of local or online players to fill the four available slots for combat, for example if you and a friend were playing locally you could then join an online lobby to play someone in the other part of the country. There will be a number of game modes for you to play and blow seven shades of scrap out of each other including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and King of the Hill style scenario's. Additionally there will be single-player elements to the game but don't expect a gripping storyline, this is purely aimed at the dip in and blow sh*t up multi-player market.

King of the Hill

Utilising a twin stick style control system with one stick for movement and the other for aiming, the controls are intuitive enough for anyone to pick up and play. The camera will be focused upon the action so if you're close to each other in the arena then the camera will zoom in keeping all the action on the screen while zooming out if you decide to escape the onslaught.

Singularity Bomb

Red Faction Battlegrounds will initially offer eight varied vehicles for players to utilise, ranging from light armoured but fast jeeps, battle tanks to big stomping mechs armed to the teeth with the latest hardware, with around ten different maps to unleash the dogs of war upon there is plenty of variety from the start. While your playtime may seem on the surface to just be a gratuitous shooter, deep down this forms the basis of some extra storyline content which fills in some of the gaps between Guerrilla and Armageddon while additionally unlocking bonus content for Armageddon should you wish to purchase it when it becomes available.

Red Faction Battlegrounds is certainly shaping up to be an awesome arcade title and one to keep an eye on.


Wedgeh | 28th August, 2010

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