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South Park:Lets Go Tower Defense Play!

When I heard the words South Park and Game in the same sentence, my heart seems to sink a little. All previous South Park games have been okay, but not great with shoddy graphics and give no credit to the show itself. Sadly, this game is not much of an exception.

The story revolves around our four main characters, Cartman, Stan, Karl and Kenny. They are trying to stop evil beings such as ginger kids and cows from attacking their town by chucking snow balls at them at different strengths. Along with this, they are helped by a few laser towers and snowball throwing machines. The object of the game - like any Tower Defense game - is to stop the enemies reaching the objective by destroying them before they can do so. Usually though I would think that a game with 'tower defense' in the title would have some sort of tower building system in it, but no. You are the four main characters; Throwing snowballs and running around.

The graphics are still quite bad in true South Park fashion as they are somewhat blocky, however, seeing as we are now on our 3rd generation consoles, I would hope to expect something a bit better than this, even if it is a Xbox Live Arcade title.

The voice acting is okay. It sticks with the story and doesn't seem to jump in at random moments. In true South Park fashion, there are the occasional quips and jokes you’d expect from the characters. Although, the fact that you have Cartman shouting about “Respecting his authoritah” somehow compensates for some of the more dissapointing qualities of this game.

There is the option of multiplayer within the game, so you and a friend can control a character or two each, but in the event of lacking any real friends, you can control all the characters and switch between them by quickly pressing the left shoulder button.

Each character has their own special ability, which is charged up and can unleash almighty hell on their assailants. Each of the characters powers are different and as such can be more effective in different situations; for instance Stan can heal the town of South Park if you start to leak enemies whereas Cartman can release a large amount of energy to kill surrounding enemies in an circular area round him.

All together there isn't a lot to be said about this game. The story is kind of amusing, the game play is average and the graphics are not great. It's fun for a bit of a giggle but not really aimed at the more serious gamer.


Kaostic | 13th October, 2009
Fat Tony's picture
wtf so it's a TD game without the T? That sucks.
i have to disagree alittle, if your a fan of south park and can find 2-3 people also sad enough to buy it then your in for a very funny ride. plus you can unlock a lot of clips from the show
Kaostic's picture
Originally Posted by Fat Tony View Post
wtf so it's a TD game without the T? That sucks.
Well yeah pretty much. You have towers that aid you, but you do not place them anywhere..

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