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Splinter Cell: Conviction Preview

GameOn recently had a chance to take the reins of Sam Fisher, special operative veteran of Third Echelon. The time we had with it told us one thing, Splinter Cell has changed. Not only is Sam a changed man, but so have his reasons for fighting - but are these changes all for the better?

Many will remember Double Agent as going against the grain of the Splinter Cell. A far more bogged down title, few of those most hardcore fans found it totally different to the expected experience. Conviction brings back this sense of stealth back into the game, however, and it does so with style and flair.


Most notably are the new visual effects. Many will recall a Splinter Cell game often filled with darkness and void of colour - as such should be the case for any game where shadows are important. This time, though, if you're in the shadows and concealed from the enemy the screen appears black and white, with your foes clothing highlighted in various colours. Step out of the darkness, however, and the colour will fill the world, representing just how vulnerable Sam really is. It's a clever and useful method of knowing just how safe you are.

We don't want to focus on the visuals too much, since it is no doubt the gameplay that is key. But we do want to point out just how stylish it is to play through the game. Your objectives paint the walls as if projected there by an overhead projector, while ‘Mark and Execute' - the game's important new feature' - makes taking down enemies just damn cool.


Take down an enemy with a hand-to-hand attack and you'll earn the ability to mark enemies individually. That is useful for preparing an attack, mark those slightly out of sight and first taking out the ones whose heads are just too tempting. This does, unfortunately, bring to our attention the action-focused, combat nature of the game - which seems out of place in any Splinter Cell game.  

Do not fret though. This is simply a choice to be made. There is as much chance to sneak your way through a level as there is to go in guns totting. In fact, the purists of the game will have just as much fun attempting to overcome those sections that a few bullets would easily solve.

In fact, it seems Splinter Cell: Conviction has returned the series to the very idea that made it popular in the beginning, deftly giving the player the choice over how they proceed. No longer are they restricted for shooting an enemy (though the bodies can't be moved), so it really is up to the player to choose their choice of tactics.

All we know is that this is looking to be a return to the stealth classic, and one that we're looking forward to getting our hands on with the full game, so we can help Sam discover the truth behind Third Echelon and what exactly happened to his daughter.

Rasher | 25th March, 2010
Rasher's picture
this game seems to be shaping up nice
this is on my want list
Si^'s picture
This looks really good, am glad they have put the game back to basics but giving you the choice if you want to attack or not. Plus the Co-op looks awesome!
TimmyShire's picture
Co-op is excellent fun. Though it is only a small separate part. I would've liked to see it somehow integrate into the single player and have a full campaign in co-op. Still good though.

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