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SSX Preview

There are few things I remember distinctively about my childhood, but if I had to pick out one game series that was constantly present, it would be SSX. In-between my brother's constant tantrums and chilling at the park with a Powerade, my buddy from my street and I would play SSX almost everyday; come rain, wind or shine. Now, as I enter my twenties, it all rushes back to me with the latest SSX on the 360 and PS3.


The demo that got released a mere few days ago doesn't give us a polished picture of the winter-wonderland, however it does give us a mouthwatering taste of what we will expect on the 2nd of March, when the game is released here in the UK. (February 28th USA, March 15th Japan).

The demo, containing an excruciatingly long tutorial for a veteran boarder (thankfully, skippable), gives us a glimpse of the Race It and Trick It sides of the sure-fire hit EA snowboarder; all encased in the universe of RiderNet, our guide for the new SSX era. RiderNet shows you where your friends are doing well in the SSX world; where you need improvement on race times and trick scores; how many in-game credits you have earned in your career; as well as various other online and offline features that we'll delve into in the full review.


The Race It slope is based in The Rockies and the Trick It slope is in New Zealand (I had no idea there was snow there). Each slope fits it's purpose, with the Race It slope having considerably less obstacle matter so you can attain the quickest times, whilst the Trick It slope is full of gnarly jumps, drops and snow-caked ramps to pull off your most impressive of skills.

The soundtrack of around four songs in the demo is a sign of good things to come. The tracks are well suited to the fast-action style and are manipulated occasionally when you perform jumps, mastered to spring back into life when you land.

Anyway, this is all well and good but does it play well? Yes, it plays brilliantly but no, before you ask it doesn't have the pizzazz of the hugely successful Tricky, mainly because Tricky was in a whole league of it's own. My only gripe is that you seem to perform tricks far too easily and too quickly; however gaming has become a lot faster paced in recent years, so you can't expect a couple slow rotations to please the majority.


It may not score 100% with the loyal old-school fans of the previous 'retro' installments, but it's sure as hell going to eat into all the free time I will have to spare. SSX is finally here and it's time to get tricky.

TGK | 24th February, 2012

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