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GameOn Launch Free Mag Dedicated to Borderlands 2!

Greetings vault hunters, as you may know, your next adventure into the land of Pandora is only around the corner. Many dangerous creatures and midgets are hiding around every corner, primed to rip out your intestinal tract and play skippy rope with the entrails. However help is at hand as we have a new magazine dedicated to Borderlands 2, giving you the inside info to the new heroes of Pandora along with developer interviews and more.

You can download your copy of the magazine, absolutely free from either of the links below!



We hope that you enjoy this look into the world of Pandora! 


Wedgeh | 14th September, 2012
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Angelfromabove's picture
Some really great content in this one guys, well done.
Really really really want Borderlands 2 now!!
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Cant get on Facebook so done the next best thing :

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have an upvote sir!
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Upvoted that ****e.
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anyone wanna be brave and post it in /r/gaming
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Just a reminder, there is a competition you can enter in the magazine, to win some Borderlands 2 goodies

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