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Combat Arms Europe celebrates Official Launch with heavy load of events.

January 16, 2009 - Seoul - Nexon Europe Limited, the European division of the world's leading online game company Nexon Group, commemorates the recent official launch of its free-to-play Online First-Person-Shooter Combat Arms Europe with a massive update of contents and events.

With the launch of the anticipated in-game Clan System, a special clan event will reveal the true heroes of clan matches, honoring the most ‘INVINCIBLE CLAN' that tops the total count of matches won, and the most ‘DYNAMIC CLAN' that leads the total number of matches played.
Clans that reach the top 3 ranks of each category will be rewarded with various tangible as well as intangible items, depending on the clan rank and individual level of performance.
The feast continues with a massive give-away of additional 30% of GP (Gear Points) for every user logging into the game on Saturdays and Sundays, running for four consecutive weekends beginning from January 17th.

The recent update of new maps, game modes and weaponry plus the various events will deliver an additional level of excitement for users playing this thrilling, fast-pace online FPS title, and interested players can join the arms race for free by signing up at http://combatarms.nexoneu.com.

About Combat Arms:

Combat Arms is a fast-paced, multiplayer shooter, designed for non-stop action on the grounds of various battlefields where players are recruited to get engaged with their enemies in multiple game modes. While integrating the traditional attributes of the FPS genre, Combat Arms advances further by evolving striking features such as character customization as well as weapon modification system, enabling the players to adjust their weapons with attachments such as scopes, silencers and extended magazines. Additional eye-catching feature is the unique backpack system, which allows players to combine a set of multiple weapons from the extensive armory for a more sophisticated combat experience on the battlefield.

Combat Arms is easy to adapt for newcomers with handy control while providing deep gameplay mechanics to veteran gamers. In-game currencies and experience points are rewarded based on the number of victories and kills made, and when accumulated, it will help the players to rank up and to mount with new weapons and equipments, while having access to their actual performance stat anytime during the gameplay. Moreover, the extensive community features within the game actively support the clan system, where players can easily recruit, manage, and communicate with their clan members.

Nexon Corporation
Established in 1994, Nexon developed the first graphic MMORPG, called The Kingdom of the Winds, and ever since, with its diverse and well-received titles, Nexon has quickly become one of Korea's leading publishers of online content. NEXON has an extensive catalog of games to reach players of all ages, interests and regions of the world, and promises to bring them the most enjoyable online excitement ever experienced.

Nexon Europe
Established in March 2007, Nexon Europe is the European publishing arm of Nexon and has brought the worldwide hit casual MMORPG "MapleStory" to Europe in May 2007.
Now, Nexon Europe launches its second title for the European audience, the First-Person-Shooter
"Combat Arms". For more information on NEXON Europe and our games, please visit http://www.nexoneu.com.

Wedgeh | 29th January, 2009
Ex0dUs's picture
Ive been hammering this game lately, its great fun, unfortunately theres a few map bugs being heavily exploited, and hacks have begun to appear as with any fps, but provided they can plug the majority its going to be a success for Nexon without a doubt.
Wedgeh's picture
Viewing the video's on youtube i get an impression that this is a mish mash of CS and UT into 1 FPS. So how does it play for you exo?
TGK's picture
Wedgeh, I just played. It's balls.

Imagine playing CS:S with worse graphics, bad lag, tinny gun sounds and sound effects and half size maps.
Ex0dUs's picture
Originally Posted by Wedgeh View Post
Viewing the video's on youtube i get an impression that this is a mish mash of CS and UT into 1 FPS. So how does it play for you exo?
It basically is, very fast paced, run in like a lunatic and shoot at anything that moves. The netcodes not great, spray and pray is rewarded with nothing, frantically clicking off multiple single rounds works best as per usual. Theres a bit more to it than just aim, headshots are chance based even if your aimed at the head, and different clothing can put modifiers on things. Money for gear is easy to make, youll want to buy an ak and silencer most of the time, and the snipers if its your thing, 1 shot 1 kill anywhere cs awp style.

Its not pretty, its not accurate, but its fun, and i come top of the board most games so until im getting my ass handed by 12 year olds ill keep playing
TGK's picture
You present a good case Ex. I played a game called Soilder Front before I played CS:S and I really enjoyed it. Very similar to CS:S in many respects and simliar to Combat arms also.

It was fun and enjoyable, but I really can't get the hang of this one. Just seems a tad clunky control wise and the guns don't feel great when shot.

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