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Two new Shattered Horizon screenshots to celebrate Apollo 11

To celebrate man's accomplishement of landing on the moon, Futuremark, the team behind Shattered Horizon have released two new screenshots showing the moon as never seen before.

We've covered Shattered Horzion in detail twice before, and these latest screenshots are just proving to be more eye candy.

You might also recognise the Futuremark name too, these people have been pushing your computers to the limit for sometime in the vein of deriving scores. So don't expect this game to be anything less than graphically stunning.


djdawsonuk | 20th July, 2009
Wedgeh's picture
Been looking forward to this ever since grabbing a short demo a year ago in Leipzig. fingers crossed some of us get into the beta and see if we're onto a winner with this one.
djdawsonuk's picture
Yeah. It's looking epic so far. gief beta plx

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