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Left 4 Dead - The Invasion is Close

Many of you, may or may not of heard of the new PC game that is soon to be sweeping the nation. The Demo has already had 10,000's of downloads and looks to be a massive hit with the gaming community when it is released later next week. What's it all about? Well here's your answer.


Left4Dead is a brand new title from Valve, the creators of Counter Strike: Source, Team Fortress and Portal. The idea behind the game, is that you play as one of four characters that whom trying to escape the ever increasing infection that is sweeping their city. They are the last four known survivors who must eradicate the infected and escape with their lives. What are the infected? They are Zombies. Now, this may seem to you as a copy of the Resident Evil series or any other zombie survival game, but you would be highly mistaken. The game is unique in it's own right. Teamwork is the main factor that helps you fight through this game. Without your teammates by your side, you will find it increasingly difficult to fight your way through the zombie masses. Communication, strategy and skill are the main things needed to help you battle on.

The demo available has two levels, but no matter how many times you play them, they will always be different. The "AI Director" ensures that each and every time you play the game, the intensity and strength of the attacks differs from the games you played prior. Because of this, the game offers the most advanced AI released to date, with an endless amount of game replays.

Zombie Attack

You can play the game by yourself, or with up to three other people online. Each character is selected by each player but apart from the character voices and models, no player is different. Playing online is just as, if not more rewarding than when playing by yourself. The communication between each player both online is bound to be better than the computer AI, but not at all by a long shot. The computer players will tell you when they find ammo, when a certain zombie appears in-game, or when they need healing.

Graphically, the game is up there with the big names. Although it doesn't cut it when it comes to high detail in games such as Farcry 2 and Call of Duty: World at War, it is stunning considering the game can show up to fifty zombies on screen at one point. Each character model and zombie model is well designed and you will encounter more than 200 types of zombie throughout your killings.

The Zombie Masses 

The game is released on Steam on the 18th of November, and is defiantly one to get your hands on. Priced at $44.99 (about £30 due to the British economy) you get endless fun, with a great developer name you can trust. I can see this game being a massive seller, and should be one to have for all FPS lovers.
TGK | 16th November, 2008

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