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Preview of Sonic Unleashed

"The Speed of Light, The Power of Night."

GameOn had the privilege of visiting Sega HQ to see the new Sonic Unleashed last week, with hands on experience of the game here are our findings and feel so far.

Sonic UnleashedSonic UnleashedSonic UnleashedSonic UnleashedSonic Unleashed 

You're either at this stage thinking "Ohh no, not another Sonic game" or "Woohooo"

Sega have taken a different approach with Sonic unleashed, first of all it's using the new "Hedgehog" engine, which boasts its seamless transition from 3D to 2D in game.
The Hedgehog engine has been in development for three year and it seems the development in this has been worth it.

I know there are those of you out there who will always love and want the 2D platform back, but with sonic unleashed they have managed this, your not going to get 2D all the time, the switch is mid game play but it flow so smooth you don't notice it most of the time. If you have played ‘Sonic Heroes', wipe that from your mind, because ‘Sonic Unleashed' can not be compared with that game play, as the feel to this game is much better.

Sonic Unleashed

Well at this stage I was going to tell you what Sonic has to do in this game, that Dr Eggman is up to his normal tricks.... but lets be real, you don't want to know about all the chaos emeralds, we will save that for the review for you. What you want to know is that: Is this game worth paying out for?

This game has a massive twist to it, and a hint to the twist is the tagline which I mentioned earlier. You have been transformed in to a Werehog, so by day you play as Sonic, and during the night you play as the Werehog. The Sonic game play is pretty much as you would expect but showing off the new engine. The Werehog part of the game changes how you play and how you have played in the past Sonic games. The Werehog isn't about speed, he's more about solving puzzles and fighting. This is where the versatility of the game comes in, after having a fast paced game you can now take your time with puzzles and battles. Even if you are playing as Sonic, you can still have a fair bit of freedom, walking around and talking to people, as you're not just limited to one moment of forward. You can investigate around a little and find secrets throughout the levels.

I was a bit worried at first that the fast action of sonic running was going to be too fast, but once you start playing it, its just like being back in the "driving seat" with the old Sonic platforms and boy does it feel good.

Sonic UnleashedSonic UnleashedSonic UnleashedSonic UnleashedSonic Unleashed

Throughout the game, you get to build up experience points by collection yellow diamonds (which are left behind, once you have destroyed an enemy) and you can upgrade Sonic or the Werehog with them. With the experience points you can give Sonic a boost in speed or even give the Werehog more strength for fighting enemies (plus other actions).

You can still collect rings, as you would expect in a Sonic game, but they are now used for something other than "I collected 100 rings at the end of the level". For Sonic you use the rings to boost up his speed for a short period of time, and for the Werehog you use them to use your special attack (which is called ‘Unleashed')

You do have a companion who follows you on your missions, who is called "Chip". This character reminds me of some of my old Saturday nights, out on the town, as he has no idea who is he or where he is (and I am sure that may sound very familiar to some of you). Chip advises you through the game as you come across new features, you also have "help boxes" (in the shape of a question mark) which will also help you in some parts of the game. There are hints on things like how to open certain doors and many other actions, as well as getting you started with the game. Another character does pop up quite early on in the game, but I won't give too much away, just, try not to tread on either of his tails...... when running.

‘Sonic Unleashed' will be released on Friday 28th of November. It will come out for the Xbox, the Wii and the PS2. The PS3 is expected to be launch during December.

A full review of the game will be up in the near future

Some more trailers can be found here

Rasher | 26th November, 2008
Dead Alive's picture
I'm still not too sure about this...were-hog thing.

Still, if there's a demo at some point I suppose I'll give it a try.

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