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Elven Legacy

I feel the need to apologise in advance for this preview. Some of you may find that the details in regards to storyline are somewhat...sketchy. This is due to the fact that the main story telling cut scene for this game was spoken in Russian with no English subtitles. But I will try and talk about it to the best of my abilities.

I would like to just point out that although my version of this game was in Russian, it is a press release preview so the finished product will be in English (unless you choose otherwise!) 

spear elves


Elven Legacy is a Tactical RPG from what I can gather; the story focuses on a race of people called the Elves. They are trying to guard a demon who they had banished into a kind of holding seal. The inevitable happens and that demon breaks free, but shortly afterwards a Human Mage appears from the place the demon was held and uses an ancient, long forgotten secret Elven magic.

The Elves are already at war with the Humans with no sign of a resolution so this adds fuel to the fire so to speak. Gylven, an Elven Mage, was watching the tomb when the Human walked out and reported her findings to the head of Elves. Gylven gathers an army, comprising of herself; Saggital (a hero in his homeland) and a few other units of your choice and sets after the mysterious man.

The gameplay is pretty standard tactical gaming stuff. At the beginning of a mission you are given a briefing telling you what objectives are to be achieved in this battle. It gives you a bit of the story and then lets you choose what units you want in the battle. There are plenty to choose from such as Archers, Warriors, Spear Elves (female Elves that kill things with spears), Warrior Monks and Mages. The individual unit character design is good and the armour they wear (or lack of, if it's a female) is interesting.

mission screenqueen elfbattleairshipcharacter

When you have selected your army you then are taken into battle. As with the vast majority of tactical fighting games, you tell your character where to go on a map and they will follow. You point them in the direction of the enemy and watch as they kill it, hopefully.

A nice touch in this game is when you're in battle, if you are lucky enough to score a critical hit, you get a nice little scene showing your unit annihilating the enemy. There is a good sense of achievement when you have plotted your moves and they all work out just the way you had planned. Another good feature of this game is the interface, it's very friendly and easy to use and help is easily accessible at any point during the game which helped me a huge amount.

The world itself, I found to be very nicely designed and the maps are huge with a lot to do. The graphics, whilst not being the best that I feel they could be, were certainly not terrible, but as this is a preview hopefully that shall change. Each location is very nice looking; being a preview all I seemed to see was green lands with fields and flowers, but these were very pretty and detailed and is a good sign of things to come when the full game is released. If taking over villages and killing every enemy on the map is your idea of fun then this is when you will get the most out of each location.


The sound effects are good and there is a nice musical score that accompanies you throughout your journey. The music definitely helps to set the mood of the game with epic battle music and nice music for cut scenes. The voice acting seemed to be done very well and the voices sounded like who they were representing. The only problem for me was the voices were all in Russian so I couldn't understand them!

This game has a lot of nice features and is very easy to use whilst all the while being a fun and challenging experience. Within no time you will find yourself plotting and scheming in order to gain victory against your opponents in the most timely and brutal fashion!

Elven Legacy is simple enough for newcomers to the genre while being complex and deep enough for veterans so in my opinion it has a lot to offer to everyone. I shall be interested to see how this turns out when it is released

Angelfromabove | 11th February, 2009
TGK's picture
Have to say, not my sort of game at all. I haven't really played any RPGs (Don't flame meh) but this one looks rather different indeed.

When and if they bring out an English one I will defiantly have a look at it.
Dead Alive's picture
Sounds like a good 'un to me, I'll give it a try if whenever there's an English release.

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