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Paradox_Interactive.pngFor the Once & Future King! King Arthur II - The Role-playing Wargame Released!News » Game
Risen _2.jpgNew Character Revealed From Risen 2: Dark WatersNews » Game
tes_v__skyrim___dock_icon_3_by_blakegedye-d3idazr.pngThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PS3 ReviewReview » Game
tes_v__skyrim___dock_icon_3_by_blakegedye-d3idazr.pngThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Xbox 360 ReviewReview » Game
DungeonDefenders.pngDungeon Defenders PC ReviewReview » Game
DungeonDefenders.pngDungeon Defenders Xbox 360 ReviewReview » Game
terraria-icon-2.pngA Small Terraria Update Has Been ReleasedNews » Game
DungeonDefenders.pngDungeon Defenders PS3 ReviewReview » Game
Mass_Effect_3.png12th Day of Christmas Game: Mass Effect 3News » Game
Bastion.pngEven More Greenman Goodness... Bastion For The Price Of A Burger King Meal.Deals
terraria-icon-2.pngTerraria Update ReleasedNews » Game
syndicate_by_southtuna-d4bczn1.pngSyndicate - Dive into the DART technology of 2069News » Game
Risen _2.jpgRelease Date for Risen 2: Dark Waters Announced News » Game
starWarsRepublicIcon.JPGSWTOR Early Access Goes Live!News » Game
s_diablo3_logo_icon.jpegDiablo III Intro Cinematic ReleasedNews » Game
9_1782.jpgThe Last of Us Announced with Debut TrailerNews » Game
images.jpegThe Sith Inquisitor - Progression TrailerNews » Game
mass_effect_3_dock_icon_by_rich246-d3j5bu8.pngNew Bioware Pulse Looks Deeper in Mass Effect 3News » Game
sims_3_icon_c_by_gimilkhor-d3eafsg.pngThe Sims 3: Showtime - AnnouncedNews » Game
The_Elder_Scrolls_V_Skyrim_cover.pngMy Life in SkyrimBlog Staff
South-Park-Sign-icon.pngMore South Park RPG Details EmergeNews » Game
mass_effect_3_icon_by_kamizanon-d3jfanq.pngMass Effect 3 Combat Detailed in Bioware PulseNews » Game
syndicate_by_southtuna-d4bczn1.pngNew Syndicate Agent Tools Trailer from EANews » Game
Cartman-normal-icon.pngSouth Park RPG Coming 2012News » Game
6915561991147934200.pngAssassins Creed: Revelations Day One Patch DetailedNews » Game
tes_v__skyrim___dock_icon_3_by_blakegedye-d3idazr.pngSkyrim 1.2 Patch IncomingNews » Game
terraria-icon-2.pngTerraria 1.1 Coming December 1stNews » Game
tes_v__skyrim___dock_icon_3_by_blakegedye-d3idazr.pngThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PC ReviewReview » Game
saints_row_the_third_icon_by_robertocrespo-d476a9v.pngSaints Row: The Third - Launch Trailer ReleasedNews » Game
boxart-large.jpgPandora's Tower Coming to EuropeNews » Game

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