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Wii Motion: A move into a new Direction

This year's E3 was a hit and miss affair with regards to Nintendo. But one of the highlights of their time there was the reveal of a brand new exciting aid into the unique gaming experience you get when playing the Nintendo Wii. It came in the shape of the MotionPlus adapter.

The adapter was one of the main features in the Nintendo presentation and was easily the one that everyone is now looking forward to getting their hands on and experiencing for ourselves.

The MotionPlus adapter won't be something you can just buy individually; it will be something that you can get full use out of as soon as you get it. It will come bundled with the also eagerly anticipated title, Wii Sports Resort, the sequel to the ever popular Wii Sports. The brains at Nintendo showed off their new accessory in style as they played games such as Frisbee and Fencing using the very same game.

Now I may have told you all this, but what does the Attachment actually do? Well, instead of swinging a tennis racquet in Wii Sports for example and it picking up just the swing, it picks up each and every tiny little movement. It can track the remote in complete 3D, knowing when and where your wrist moves, how high your arm is in the air, and complete knowledge of how fast you are moving; giving you total 1:1 interaction. It's outstanding to know that you get all this freedom and technology in just a tiny attachment that can only be a few centimeters small and weighs next to nothing.

The soon to be released MotionPlus adapter is something that will not only enhance the way you play games on the Wii, but is something that unleashes endless possibilities for future titles.

Imagine actually being able to control each and every tiny movement of a real lightsabre without having the inconveniencies of being beheaded. MotionPlus could deliver that. Imagine having the high golfing skills (or lack of skills) translated accurately onto screen, MotionPlus could make it happen. Or how about graphically knocking out Mike Tyson with your own accurate punch even though you couldn't knock out a kitten. MotionPlus could make impossible situations happen.

When Nintendo releases their product next Spring, it will no doubt make the most innovative games console in history, just that little bit more outstanding. 

MotionPlus Adapter 
TGK | 5th September, 2008
TGK's picture
Oh I see...

monger's picture
so it basically does what they say wiimotes do already?
TGK's picture
Nope, enhances what they do already, it will be able to read each and every slight movement accurately in a complete 3D way. It will be able to track where the remote is in relation to your body and work out how fast you are moving the remote (better than before)
Rasher's picture
its suppose to make a massive change to the accuracy of the moment
monger's picture
ok, so to re-phrase my original post, its them admitting that the current wii-mote does NOT do what they have always claimed it does but this will make it actually do that.

dont get me wrong, if they were building an enitrely new wiimote i could understand dramatic changes but a bolt on like this makes me ask the question "why not have that in the first place as default?"
and it splits the userbase. Those with the option to 1-1 games and those who possibly can't play the same games to the same degree / at all (due to lack of development process).
monger's picture
Originally Posted by Snoozer View Post
and it splits the userbase. Those with the option to 1-1 games and those who possibly can't play the same games to the same degree / at all (due to lack of development process).
yer. like the same as if MS suddenly released supported kb and mouse for halo. hardly fair to make it so people can pay for a hardware upfrade that increases their skill to the same sort of level as a hack. exactly the reason why MS wouldnt ever do that because it has been launched without.
So its ok to happen to pc users but not for consoles?
PC's are 'open-source.' You don't buy one unless you're aware of that.
TGK's picture
I see what you Mean monger about unfair advantages, i will have to look into what the deal is with that. It may be a case where you need the new extension to play the games that use.

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