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Nintendo Announce the DS-i

The first details of the all new DS-i have been announced at Nintendo's Tokyo conference. The all new DS now caters for more than just gaming needs, with something for everyone with the ever popular handheld console.

The most notable addition for the DS-i is the modest 3 megapixel camera and accompanying SD card slot, which means on the go snaps are now possible. Music playback, built-in Flash memory and an Internet explorer browser were also mentioned, as was and the interesting decision to remove the GBA slot altogether, which could alienate many.

The new Nintendo DS-i, lovingly presented.Size matters with handhelds, and while the graphics capability will remain the same, the new DS-i will feature larger 3.25 inch dual screens, while being 2.6mm thinner and 12% lighter than the DS Lite. All this sounds exciting, but unfortunately European and US release dates are yet to be confirmed.

What could possibly be next, an in-built phone perhaps?

POBmaestro | 3rd October, 2008
Angelfromabove's picture
Loving the loss of the GBA slot, so long Guitar Hero...
Roger_Mellie's picture
Originally Posted by Angelfromabove View Post
Loving the loss of the GBA slot, so long Guitar Hero...
Look at it from a plus point; new model comes out, old model which you want comes down in price.
Angelfromabove's picture
meh does me no good, ive got the old one lol
Dead Alive's picture
Looks like I've waited long enough, I think I might buy a DS Lite today just for hell's sake. I want guitar hero and Final Fantasy! Well, I want the little peipheral that comes with GH, it looks more entertaining than the big plastic guitar in my room.

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