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Nintendo 3DS Showcased at E3

Nintendo announce new Nintendo 3DS.
The new 3DS looks a lot like the old DS in terms of design and shape, only this version has a few differences.

Whilst the bottom screen remains a touch screen, the top screen is now a fully functioning 3.5 inch 3D screen capable of playing the most recent 3d games and Movies.
On the side of the 3D screen is a depth slider, which enables you to turn the intensity of the 3D effect up and down, this is going to come in useful with current DS titles which dont support the 3D changes. There is also a new analogue stick, Motion sensor and a Giro sensor, unfortunately what they do wasn't really expanded upon but im sure we will find out soon.

As well as the changes to the screen and controls, there are now two cameras on the front of the case. Why two I hear you cry, well the answers quite clever, by taking two pictures similtaniously, you are able to view the automatically murged pictures as fully 3D photos.
On top of that, the hardware capabilitys have been increased and the 3DS is now capable of handling better graphics than its predecessors.

This certainly looks impressive and with a large number of 3rd party developers making games around the new hardware we can expect some pretty exciting titles such as Kingdom Hearts by Square-Enix, Resident Evil by Capcom and Metal Gear Solid by Konami.

Exciting times im sure you will agree.


Angelfromabove | 15th June, 2010
Dead Alive's picture
I actually like the sound of this and may get one at some point. The list of games due for release looks pretty damn good, too.
ViddaXondi's picture
Can't wait for this, definitely getting it..not sure if at launch though. Will depend on pricing and which games are out first.

Awesome that they've finally brought Kid Icarus back.

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