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3DS Price Wars *UPDATE*

HMV have announced an incredible offer, for those who have pre-ordered the Nintendo 3DS with them. The price wars are still very much going less than a week before launch. 

Customers can trade-in earlier versions of the DS for massive savings; here are the figures:

  • Price of 3DS when you trade-in a DS Lite - £154.99
  • Price of 3DS when you trade-in a DSi - £139.99
  • Price of 3DS when you trade-in a DSi XL - £109.99

On top of that, if you pre-order and trade in your earlier console when it's released on Thursday, you receive a £20 gift card to spend on anything else in-store. Those who trade in their consoles between March 25th and April 7th will receive a £10 gift card. 

Also, HMV have strangely announced the trade-in price of the 3DS for the first few weeks. The £200 price set by HMV is guaranteed until April 7th.

Stayed tuned to GameOn for more of the latest news covering the Nintendo 3DS.  

TGK | 22nd March, 2011
Not particulally interested in this. Happy with my DSi XL thank you.
Ice Maiden's picture
Thought I'd have a nosy at the prices but not really interested in this. I've had 3D games for the xbox before and wish I didn't bother.

I'm aware that it'll be a lot better on this handheld obs but 3D gaming isn't something that currently grabs my attention. That could partly to do with me having to put 3D glasses on top of my normal specs though :P.

If I was to consider 3D gaming it definatley wouldn't be on a handheld though, thats for sure :/.

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