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Nintendo 3DS Price Wars

In one week, we will see the release of the Nintendo 3DS here in the UK and the price wars amongst big companies are fierce. 

Supermarkets especially are constantly cutting each other down with price cuts all the time. Sainsbury's are selling the console for £199.99 with a bonus 1000 Nectar points (roughly £5) when you pre-order the console. Tesco's are offering the console for £197 with an extra bonus of £10 off any launch game using the code "3DSpreorder-1" and Morrisons are advertising selling the console at £187, proving to be the best of the lot.

Online retailers are also going at it with Play.com offering the console for £196.99 and Amazon are offering the console at the same price as Morrisons for £187 making them the cheapest so far. 

Gaming retailers are having their own battles with Gamestation selling the console for nothing special at £196.99 whereas Game are selling the console for £196.99 with their usual double reward points offer if you pre-order as well as the many midnight launches offering many, many bonuses for it's loyal waiting customers. 

Take your pick at what you want out of your money but if you have any other suggestions as to where people can grab their best price then pop them in the comments below. 

The Nintendo 3DS will be released on the 25th of March. 

TGK | 18th March, 2011
ExcessNeo's picture
Price war all they want I don't have nearly £200 for a new version of a console I pretty much solely play while sat on the toilet
With independent retailers it is who has the biggest balls to cut there price in the hope that any one person will hopefully buy some games or accessories to break even in a total loss on profits with the console for one we are not bothering, hell we can even buy it from the super markets cheaper then our distributors.
Fat Tony's picture
Almost everyone here is selling it for $250. The local Gamestop will be demonstrating them a while back.

I told the guy working there that you got to go to a demo, and he almost wept with envy
TGK's picture
Originally Posted by Fat Tony View Post
I told the guy working there that you got to go to a demo, and he almost wept with envy
Hahahaha, brilliant. They are an awesome piece of kit as you will see from GameOn's coverage to come!

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