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E3 2012: Wii U Gamepad Info

Nintendo's E3 presentation was as everybody expected - mainly about the Wii U. The console will take the gaming experience to the whole family, more so than the Wii six years ago. The Wii U console will not only let you play on the television in the room but on your controller. Whether it be you playing on your controller while someone else is watching the TV to having it as a second screen to the game that you are playing. For example you can have the main game on the TV and then your inventory open on your controller, for easy access to weapons.

wii u gamepad

The Wii U controller will serve a big part in making your gaming experience more enjoyable with simple controls, you have two analogue sticks and the normal directional pad and A,B,X,Y button, as well as shoulder/rear triggers for shooting and a home and volume button. With all the buttons on the controller Nintendo have somehow found places for a touch screen, camera and infrared transceiver. But the controller's insides are just as impressive with stereo speaker and a gyro meter, this will come in handy for when you are trying to search for enemies and instead of using the analogue stick you can just turn around to look all the way around your game.

The controller will bring a new objective to multiplayer gaming within the family environment. Not only can the screen on the controller be used for single player gaming but when in multiplayer mode on compatible game one player can use the Wii U controller screen to see what others can't. The example given was Nintendoland Minigame, Luigi's Ghost Mansion 2 were there was four "human" players and one ghost, the ghost is the player with the Wii U pad and their screen shows all four "human" players and you, the ghost. Were as the TV screen only shows the "human" players so you will have to hunt around to find where the ghost is hiding.

wii u controller

Nintendo feel that the Wii U will change the way you play games and interact with your friends, the signs do look promising with what look like a good array of launch games when the console is launched and the compatibility of YouTube and Netflix as well as many other services possibly being added after launch.

boffey | 5th June, 2012

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