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Allegations Of College Students Being Forced To Make PS4s By Foxconn

A report has recently surfaced from China.com which details that thousands of college students were forced to manufacture the PS4. Whilst the PlayStation 3 was produced in Japan, this time around, Sony outsourced the hardware assembly to Foxxconn, Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturing company.

Reportedly, thousands of students from Xi'an Technological University were put in a work placement with Foxxconn in their plant in the coastal Chinese city of Tantai. This was part of a work-study program that ran from August to October (this year).

The report states that this work-study program was mandatory, and if the students didn't partake, they wouldn't recieve their diploma. A few students have reported that if they left the program, they would lose six college credits. They have also reported that they were given tasks completely unrelated to their fields of study. There's also been reports of manual labor.

Chinese students walking to work

Wang Yiran, fourth-year student of Xi'an Technological University, reported that the program was mandatory for seniors and if it wasn't completed, normal classes would not commence. Apparently, first and second years were also part of the program. Wang said that she and her friends were assigned to the PS4 line, removing the console's protective film and laying stickers on the machines.

It's like being a robot.
- Wang Yiran

The students were apparently working eleven hour days (sometimes longer if overtime was required) with a thirty-minute lunch break and a ten-minute break in the morning.

Li Xinzhou, another student, agreed with Wang, stating that he was forced to put PS4 manuals and cables inside the console's packaging and move boxes around. He also said that a few students apparently fainted during the placement.

Foxconn is refuting the allegations.

More updates will be posted as they become apparent.

Kaostic | 10th October, 2013
Cronos's picture

Wonder what their 2013 suicide stats will be.

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