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Nintendo's 2DS Is Actually One Screen


Stop the press! Nintendo's 2DS (Dual Screen) is actually one big LED display. Why is this important? It's not really. Does it taint the name of the DS? No, it's just kind of interesting.

Rose Coloured Gaming on Facebook posted up a picture of a 2DS teardown and discovered that it was, infact, just a single LED display. They posted up another picture which showed all of the components and gave the LED display some scale to the rest of the device.

Kaostic | 16th October, 2013
Beanz's picture
You do realise this was known from the moment they announced it, don't you...
Kaostic's picture
Yes, but nobody had taken it apart.
TGK's picture
Yeah, BeanZ. I didn't know tbh, I suppose they have to map which pixels light up? Idk.

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