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Razer Could Be Set To Enter Home Appliance Market

There appears to have been some sort of challenge laid down by Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer, that if a Facebook page reaches one million likes then he would design, develop and produce their idea.

What could this new piece of hardware be? What is it that is at stake?

Well, it's a toaster, yep a humble bread warming device that has got a good number of people around the globe pushing towards the goal of one million likes for the Facebook group. 


Image by Razer Fan, Wilhelm Wanecek.

As crazy as this may sound, there does seem to be genuine interest in a Razer Toaster from the amount of fans that are already part of the group which can be found here, so much so that the CEO has already commented about the group along with a number of online news outlets covering the effort.

If this succeeds it certainly shows that people power can make a difference when dealing with corporations and it is also warming to know that Razer are listening to their fans and are willing to create them a product if sufficient demand warrants the costs of development.

Good luck Razer Toaster group, may your efforts carry you to fanboy hot bread snack heaven.

Wedgeh | 26th September, 2013
Misterwoot's picture
Razer Saturnus! If we like it, they will come (and build it)!

Marmite on toast anyone?

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