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News from E3: INNEX

This years E3 shows off not only new technology but old as well with the launching of INNEX Retro Games and their partners, Komodo Retro 3in1 Adaptor for the Nintendo Wii. INNEX have developed gaming systems that allow you to step back in time and relive the childhood gaming experience.

The Retro Duo is one such product, allowing both NES and SNES games to be played. The advantage of these over the originals is the technology inside as they haven’t visited the past just to lag in the future. The Retro Duo is all new technology and more, allowing compatibility with Japanese titles and the original controllers but also being super energy efficient with only a 5v AC adaptor needed.

Another such return from the past is the SEGA Genesis. Faster, sleeker and smarter than the original, this little gem is fully licensed by SEGA allowing your original cartridges to be used along with being preloaded with 20 best loved titles. And with the added new technology of a 2.4" colour LCD screen, it’s better than the original.

There are many more products from INNEX that will take you back to the past, like the Firebox game console for the SEGA Genesis, or even an Arcade Joystick and portable NES systems. But the big talk of E3 with these guys is their partner’s Retro 3in1 Adaptor for the Nintendo Wii.

Komoto have made an adaptor that will allow a NES, SNES and N64 controllers to all be used with the Nintendo Wii. This combined with the Nintendo Wii already ability to use the GameCube controller’s means that the Wii can now be access by any controller Nintendo have ever produced for their systems. The only downside is each controller brings new technology to the mix, the old NES and SNES don’t have analogue sticks and only a Wii remote has the accelerometers and infrared. This does mean a limitation within certain games but if your going retro, then go retro with the games as well.

Komoto also make other peripherals for the Nintendo Wii, like the Buckshot and Dual LightForce Sabers. Both of these allow the Wii remote to be inserted within and both look and feel like the real thing. The Buckshot is a pump action shotgun and although it has limitations as using both hands to operate, Kimoto have integrated the nun-chuck controls within so everything is at your fingertips. The Dual LightForce Sabers are a decent attempt at an authentic lightsaber for games such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars the LightSaber Duels and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Both of these products are due to be released July 2009 and more information on INNEX™ products can be found here.


Gunn (LA) | 4th June, 2009
djdawsonuk's picture
These sound so cool. Wonder if they will work with the lock-on cartridges of Sonic & Knuckles too.

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