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News from E3: Penguin United

Press release from Penguin United

"Penguin United is dedicated to enhancing the experience of electronic entertainment. Our mission is to provide all of our business partners, retailers and gamers with a growing line of high quality, cost effective video game accessories. We remain focused on producing outstanding and innovative peripherals in packaging designed to appeal to gamers of all ages"

Having hands on with one of their new product line like the new CrossFire Remote Pistol for the Nintendo Wii, Penguin United seem to be at the forefront of gaming technology. The CrossFire is the second generation of Wii based gun’s, having ditched the need to insert the Wii remote, the CrossFire now is inbuilt with the technology that allows it to act as the remote. The addition of having the nun-chuck connection in the hilt also allows the CrossFire to be used as a standard remote if the need arises.

The model demonstrated was still a prototype but felt very robust and was easily used both left and right handed. Additional features that could be included in the final product may be bolt action recoil to synthesize firing, and a possible redesign of the buttons on the barrel for a more ergonomic fit.

Another product for the Wii was a charger for the standard remotes based on the magnetic coil technology used to charge up mobile phones. Their new docking station doesn’t require the remote to be plugged in, merely resting in the cradle. The advantages of this are simple in that there is no need to disconnect the nun-chucks or any other adapters. The cradle, called the "ElectroFlow Inductive Charger", can take the Wii remote with or without the plastic jacket that Nintendo recommend.

Not everything is peripherals though as they also make a line of cables, connecters and storage for all your gaming needs and their new 24x DS Game Card Pouch look simple yet effective and should be on all DS owners wish list.

The CrossFire is due to be released in August of this year at a price around $29.99 (no news on how much for overseas).

You can find all Penguin United merchandise here.

Gunn (LA) | 4th June, 2009

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